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12-Minute Pilates Abs Workout


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great work out
Adjusted some of the more intense moves , because of my wrists. All in all I completed this to the best of my ability :)
it was so sad that it was difficult for me to do these. But, I kept goin, didnt' give up and did finish it. With consistency and hard work, I'm sure I'll get better over time
I am in a wheelchair so I did my upper body physical therapy for the same amount of time.
Good workout for abs. I will have to continue this one.
I really did feel the workout on my abs and lower stomach area.
great workout with the adjustments could do pretty much all of them
I enjoyed this workout. I'll be BACK.
Almost all of the back stretches are taboo for anyone with hip replacements. I wish we could find something that works for us!
Love doing this Abs exercise,awesome workout.thanks Nicole
Wow! Im a beginner this is awesome as a daily routine.
Actually This is great job, love the stretching at the end of the workout....will definitely incorporate into my daily schedule .I love all of Coach Nicole's videos that I've followed...Thanks lots......Coach Nicole ...good job..
I've been doing Coach Nicole's 10-min crunchless core workout for a while now - and thought I'd change it up! This was MUCH more difficult and I had to do lots of modifications. I could see it and hear it OK (there is some background noise it's true, like a party going on in the next room) but it didn't put me off and I could still hear Nicole clearly.
Wish I could get the audio part. only have video on all Sparkvids :(
I could hear people talking in the background which was really off putting
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