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15-Minute Ball Workout


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Good workout
Wonderful workout! Thank you.
These are also great stretches! Thanks, Coach Nicole!
Loved it. It is do-able and it warms up the entire body. Loved the stretches at the end.
She makes it look easy but it's soooo hard!!
I need a the workout.
I guess im the only one getting an error message
How many calories do you burn using this workout? I need to track it in my activities please.
I did this one and the upper body work out - first time with the stability and I'm sweating! I will do these again and try some more of them. Thanks for these workouts!
This is the first workout I tried after inflating my new stability ball.... phew, it's a good one!
I'm am adding this to my work plan. I know she makes it look easy, but I can't wait to try the back exercise :-)
Check for more information about fitball.
These videos are awesome, first time I have done them, however the talking while exercising works great for me. I am 60 years old and to find these videos is awesome. Thanks. I do not have a ball yet but I did work along with her on my carpet, and exercise machine, for the lifts.
Does anyone else feel this? I love this workout. However, when I do the back exercise and lie on the ball on my tummy, I feel a pulse and as if a mass were in my tummy. Could I be feeling my intestines? it is scary as I am 69 years old. I have been to a doctor and they say there is nothing there.
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