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Printable 12-Minute Pilates Abs Workout

Take the Video With You!


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thanks Report
thank you Report
Good workout. Report
...thank you for the printout...these are very there any way to print with out all the advertisements... Report
Absolutely great Report
Good stretches. Report
Great workout! Report
Thanks for the printout! Report
Nice article

Here are some more routines
s/ Report
Great routine. Report
this is great some years ago when I was on vaction I wrote down what I needed to do or did it from memory.......this is better!! Report
Really like that this is printable, it is exactly what i needed! Thanks Report
Thank you, thank you for descriptions & printable exercises! Some of us are still stuck in a rural, dial-up world. Report
I'm so glad you posted this! I had a Pilates video years ago and I lost it, but it has always been my favorite ab routine! Now I can all my old favorites again! And for any skeptics out there, these moves really work. I like that some of the moves work the lower abs which are harder to tone! Report

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