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Meal Planning Tips for People with Type 2 Diabetes

Putting It All Together


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Good to know. Report
Thanks Report
good tips.. so far so good as my diabetes is manageable at this point. Report
I wonder if there is anything new on this since 2007 Report
Always read up on new findings. Don’t have to agree with them if your program is working for you, but need to know newest info. Report
Great plan Report
Great article, thank you. Report
Thank you Report
Good ideas. Report
Checkout the trim healthy mama diet! I got off my metformin by following the plan. Haven’t lost much weight (didn’t need to lose much), but no meds! Report
I am rereading this because I have apparently forgot some of it. Report
I also think these carb amounts are too high for a diabetic. Less carbs helps control my blood sugar and helps my weight loss. Report
This was written in 2007. Many new studies have been done since then.

I believe lower carbohydrate counts, at least 50 or lower, is to be tried to lower full blown diabetes. My sugars wouldn't budge until I did low carb, 40 or less per day. Report
Great tips! Report

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