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Eating Well with Type 2 Diabetes

Nutrition Know-How


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Amen Lee. They are following the party line on how to treat diabetes. There's nothing wrong with saturated fat or cholesterol. The body needs cholesterol to make hormones. It isn't cholesterol that causes heart disease, it's carbs! Report
I am a South African, living in South Africa, Cape Town, and we dont always have what is listed on the diet, is there a possibilty for a South African Diet, because i like what i see. i am a dibetic type 2 and on insulin as well.
thanking you June Report
Those who are looking for gluten-free whole grains should try quinoa, millet and chia seeds. Also, brown rice is an excellent gluten-free grain. Quinoa, millet and chia are ancient "new" grains full of protein, fiber and many other healthy nutrients, too. Report
Dear Mrs. Becky Hand (Author),

i have to also follow a glutenfree diet which makes it very difficult to get whole grain products in my lokal food store here in germany. i wonder how easy it is in USA, because i am planing to visit my daughter in Texas. Could u or anyone here reading give me some advise where to find whole grain but glutenfree bread, oats, cereals + noodles in San Antanio? Do i have to order thru internet like i have to do here in germany?

the glutenfree oats do cost me 10x more than regular, the whole-grain noodles 15x more ...
but including the oats which lowered my blood sugar is very important for me.

i have also heard from different Doctors that chromium is also important for diabetic's, is there anyone who has good experiences?

i apreciate any response - wishing all a gr8 new week with lots of good success in everything Report
I just love SP. So much information. Diagnosed in Nov. with Type 2 and I try to spend a little bit of time every day on this site to help me learn to manage this disease. I am continually impressed and I really do learn something new everyday. Report
This article and the chart will be of great asistance. Report
This was a great article. I have had Type II Diabetes for 5 years and still struggle with denial. I appreciated how specific the author was about certain foods and also the step by step instructions on setting the Nutrition Tracker for my needs. Thanks! Report
Just joined SP and love it. I am already tracking my daily food and learning the gram counts and calories of everything. This is extremely important as I was just told I have type2 diabetes. I've been off sugar and watching what I eat and trying to limit those carbs and eating good foods and I have already lost weight. This website is a great resource for me. Thanks SP! Report
This is my first day on here after finding the SparkPeople app on my Blackberry. Likewise, this site was discussed on my employer's wellness page. I've joined to make my "wellness" commitment a little easier to track. One of my main concerns is my carb intake because of type II diabetes. After setting up my profile and having the site set my daily levels for nutrition goals I noticed the site recommended somewhere close to 300 carbs daily as the median. This article reinforced my first thought that I would need to self adjust the carb goals in line with my Dr. recommended meal and snack intake. Report
Thanks for the updates - having been dx'd with Diabetes in November I have since lost 85 pounds (115 in a year) and eliminated one of my meds! yaaay me.

leestriegel - I am sorry you had to post such a post as you did. A little bit of knowledge and reading would show you that there is a difference in carbs in whole grains and starchy vegetables. Both still have to be eaten in moderation but whole grains are healthier than starchy veg. and your body uses them differently. Managing meals is tricky and if you have diabetes you learn this very quickly. As well, what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for others and you constantly balance.

Please take the time to learn more details about these conditions before you make such an uninformed statement in forums where people are trying to learn not only to eat more healthy but to deal with a medical condition as well. It's hard to do both. Report
It is really sad that people like EMMYDAWNSMOM do not have a Spark Page one can go to to offer some help.
When my doctor told me I was borderline diabetic she sent me to a free class for diabetics. I had only been in SP a couple of months so took all of my info with me, including print-outs of the meals I had been eating and the % of fats, carbs and protein.
The dietitian was so impressed with the SP program she was planning to recommend it to others. Her only suggestion was to try to keep carbs at 50% and up the protein a little. And I have a hard time doing that because the older I get, the less meat I desire. But I love those beans and cook them from dried to keep sodium low.
I do not take meds because I eat healthy and get exercise now. Thanks, Becky and SP. Report
Very good article. I just came from a nutrition class for my husband and what they said at the class was mentioned in this article. I don't know what the woman was complaining about re. the article as it's quoted below.

"But keep in mind that the healthiest carbohydrate choices are whole grains,
fruits, legumes, beans, and low-fat dairy products".

If you're on Medicare, or your spouse is, you can request to go to the nutrition classes at your local hospital. Well worth the time. In my county classes they spend 3 days of 2 1/2 hours each helping you understand what you have, why you have it, you won't heal yourself from it, you can just help it enough that you won't need the meds but, once the pancreas slows down in insulin production which is what causes diabetes II, it will never speed up. You just learn to eat right so your body doesn't need as much insulin so, for a time, you might get off meds. Key word is might and, as they stressed today, even if that happens you still have diabetes II it's just under control. They will also give you a personalized meal plan and so much more. I've had diabetes II for 10+ years and this is the second time I'd been to this class, once with my Dad and it's amazing how much I'd forgotten and how much new information there is out there.

Wow leestriegel, you need to chill - we need people we can talk to who have the same concerns- you don't have to take anyone's advice, but some people need this and that's why we joined. to feel better about ourselves and know there is other's out there who are going through the same things. Report
I have type 2 diabetes and I feel that if you just follow sparkpeople amounts to eat and lose weight, your diabetes will automatically be in check. Of course control your sugar intake, but keep a record of your sugar numbers, lose weight and it will take care of itself. Report

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