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Remember to Reward Yourself

How to Pat Yourself on the Back


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Thank you! Report
Will remember to reward myself more often~ Report
thank you Report
I do not know why but I have a hard time rewarding myself. I know it is important but I ever remember to reward me. Report
I just rewarded myself by finally placing the online book order in my Chapters / Indigo shopping cart a couple of days ago. Most of the order arrived at my door yesterday and I hd the thrill of opening the box to discover all those upcoming hours of pleasure filled reading! Report
No reason why you shouldn’t hold your own carrot. Report
Thank You for the great article. Report
I love LEGO, so I bought a LEGO advent calendar. Every morning I write down what I plan to eat, and then I open one of the compartments. So far, so good. Right now I'm on day 8 of the first calendar, and I bought another calendar to start on when the current calendar is finished.

This gives me something to look forward to every day, and the display of finished items reminds me that I can stick to a program (although some of my friends think I'm weird). Report
thanks Report
My reward ...... A nice slab of salmon. It was delish. Report
thanks Report
Great share! Report
Healthy rewards are good motivators. Report
great ideas, thank you! Report

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