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Remember to Reward Yourself

How to Pat Yourself on the Back


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I have a "grab box" of sorts. Gave all of my friends $5 and they could buy anything they wanted - as long as it was no more than $5. They wrap it & put it in a box - that I keep at work so I'm not tempted to peek - and the people with whom I work contributed to it also. When I reach the next 10 lbs. I get to reach in & pull out a surprise! It keeps me motivated to continue with my new lifestyle - not just eating healthier & fitness practices - but I'm finding it also helps to deal with issues & get my whole life into a new style! Report
i agree that any rewarding in food-related issues can be a slippery slop for some of us. but i have come to look at my food and weight issues as very purely learned and behavioral, and we HAVE to reinforce the 'good' somehow, and downplay the 'bad', but not berate or belitte or beat up. it's pure dialectical behavioral therapy, guys! my plan is to do a 'reward' when i make a choice that is healthy and not compulsive, but no necessarily when i lose a pound. i have found that the pounds occasionally come and go a few times before we can really change our habits and behaviors; i want to change those compulsive and depressed behaviors, which, in time, will lower the numbers on the scale....
cheers and good luck to everyone out there! Report
In the past I've tried rewards, but didn't make them in small enough increments. I think I got discouraged and gave up. Now I'm choosing some inexpensive rewards that I usually don't 'allow' myself to do regularly. For instance, my new list of rewards includes getting my car washed, going to the movies, taking a yoga class at a local studio, and buying myself a new little black dress when I've reached my goal. I think the point is to choose things that make you think "Oh! I'm almost there! Just a little bit more!" Report
Hi there. I wanted to throw a reward idea out there. The bracelet idea is fabulous by the way. Last week on weigh in day my husband snuck out and baught some flowers and an encouragement card (it was cute, a mouse hiking up a hill pulling a HUGE block of cheese) I dont think that we need someone to get something for us each I figued what I woudl do is when I weigh-in or measure up and I feel good..I mean TRULY good about my new numbers..I pack up and head to the store to buy myself some flowers!! Guess what..all week long I can look at those flowers and remember how good I felt when I saw I lost some weight or some inces..or did a set number of excersises that week..

ps..there was SO much symolic meaning in thecard my husband gave me...I look at everyday and think about that little mouse pulling a HUGE block of cheese up a first I why would I pull the very thing I am trying NOT to eat to much of (food) up a hill with me? But after a few articles here on sparks I (that block of cheese for teh mouse) isnt an enemy..and isnt what is holding me back...I need food no matter if I am going to hike up hill to a healthier life..I mide as well take food with me and make it work for me....! Report
This is not only a good strategy to apply to dieting..but when the article mentioned the same theory in the work environment as an made me think! Hey....My kids work the same way! One of the biggest things that holds me back in dieting is feeling quilt...and my guilt causes me to eat emotionaly. That guilt and emotion is added to when I feel i have disciplined my kids wrong and they havent learned a single thing and leave angry and discouraged rather than motivated and encouraged! I intened to apply this strategy to my everyday life. Instead of telling my three children how they did something wrong, i will tell them what they did good at (such as cleaning thier rooms or homework) and try to go from there! The same will aply to my own healthy eating...just last night I was "self-bashing" because I had eaten way more than i wanted to...but instead of just quitting to start another time since I flopped already...I let that be the ONLY thing to go astray in my diet and I am SO happy too...because I didnt quit, i ate what i needed because I wasnt starved anymore..and it kind of "put out" the flame of a HUGE craving i was having ALLLL week!

I LOVE SparksPeople!
~Melissa Report
I like the bracelet thing too, but does anyone else have any 'reward' ideas? I'm comming up with nada here.... Report
Love the bracelet idea CATLVR73! Simple, but yeah exciting! Report
I love the idea of rewarding myself. It doesn't happen often so this will be a good thing. Thanks! Report
Great article , simple idea but yet brilliant Report
Who are you people? This may well be the most useful life-changing program (and not just WEB based) I have ever encountered. And I do 'renewable' for a living. Your resources are so vast that I don't know if I'll ever get through them. Thanks, Mike, for the guidance. And thanks to everyone at Sparkpeople. Report
Great ideas. Report
This article gave me a really goog idea. I used to belong t o a weight loss group where you would get a bracelet after losing 5 lbs and then a charm when you reached other goals. I think I will do that for myself. It'll be a very visible way to remember how far I've come and possibly a conversation starter. Great article! Report
Enjoyable--will apply some of these. Please address some of the negative reasons for justifying overeating--anger, frustration, passive aggression--and positve replacements. Report

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