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Types of Diabetes

The Similarities & Differences of the 3 Types of Diabetes


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I am not diabetic, but I like to keep up on it. Great article Report
Great article, Thanks! Report
Juvenile diabetes research foundation is always our fundraising program when we do them Report
Type 2. But always want to read info. Report
interesting Report
Good article. Report
Awesome...thanks... Report
My son was diagnosed at age 3 and my granddaughter at age 6 with type 1 diabetes. We have lived with this horrible disease for 34 years. It causes many other health issues so just taking insulin everyday isn’t the only thing they’re must do Report
Without insulin, my husband would be in the bed under Dr.'s care. Hopefully I am misunderstanding this article. Always talk to you Dr before anything else! Report
The question that says type 2 diabetics do not need insulin is NOT true I personally know someone whose specialist put her on insulin and YES she is a type 2. Report
Hope to be off insulin end of month. Report
I may still be overweight, and leg issues, but with SparkPeople tracking and reading and doing challenges, my A1C this time is 5.7. How awesome is that? Report
Correct! "It’s never too early to start a diabetes prevention program." Report
Thank You! Report

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