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How to Avoid On-the-Job Weight Gain

Avoid Packing on Pounds Behind Your Desk


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it reminds me that changing your life style is not for just when your at home. its all day everyday, for life. Report
This article has encouraged me to swap the chocolate bar in my desk with healthy, convenient choices! Thanks! Report
Great article. Report
I think this is the one article that really relates to my situation and I can see all the things that need to be done. It is hard because I have just given up smoking also. Good luck to me. Report
Unfortunately my current position is a big culprit in my decrease in physical fitness. I work 10 yours/day (most days) and at least 6 hours are seated. After work I have to study (more sedentary stuff). So despite being a physician, a radiology resident is probably one of the worst jobs for a person's health. Report
This is true for those of us in school too. I am in graduate school now and sit in classes 8 hours a day 5 days per week. Sometimes its not easy to get up early or workout after a long day which still requires hours of studying before bed. I just remind myself how much better I feel and how much my concentration level increases after exercise. Report
One of the best articles here so far. i was doing great until i got a desk job and the love handlesand pot belly started showing. I must say from this year i started doing the little tidbits offered in this article and im doing great. my next stop is to start walking as much as possible. Ugggggggg i need to get rid of these love handles quick. Report
UGH I know! I am working a 12 hour / 7 days a week - night-desk job. Can it get and worse! I am glad that I learned to funnel the stress of the day at the gym.

Some days are good and some days are bad . I have to figure out what makes the good days good and the bad days bad. Report
This is truly a great article for us "deskies". I spend approx. 7 hours of my day at the computer which means I don't get much physical activity in. I'm now a part of my job's, 10,000 Step Program. Hopefully, this will work. I'm still going to follow the recommendations of this article too. Report
GREAT article. Lots of great ideas for all us "desk jockeys" out there to keep us making the "healthy" best of our working time and limiting the damage of a sedentary lifestyle. Thank you! Report

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