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A Blueprint for Goal Achievement

Strategies to Reach Any Goal


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Simple and straight forward - easy to to follow. This is a great way to view this journey. Report
Great article. Since I tend to procrastinater, this inspired me to pick up one of several articles which I have started. (I am a knitter with innumerable projects started). Thanks for the insperation. Report
very inspiring Report
I'm going to try to map out my weight loss and school goals using this blueprint. It seems very sensible. Report
Love this article because it is something to which I can truly relate. I printed this article off and will refer to it often. Thank you. Report
An "ahhha" moment. I love to make quilts. Adapting that process of reaching my goal fits weight loss. I love watching the process unfold, each stage of the process is exciting to see the new "look" of how it will all fit together in the end. I hope that I can keep this visual. The main trouble that I have is that I get bored soon and lose concentration unless I have someone pushing me. Report
I know that I want to loose wieght very badly. The promblem that I have is not knowing when to just taking a snack here and there. I love to snack and at times a get tired of eating rabbit food or just eating tuna without the extra . Report
Great article.. just forwarded it to my business partner as a reminder to set our business goals for the upcoming year.. This article has inspired me and reminded me the steps of goal setting.

Thank you for this.. Report
WOW-This was a V-8 moment for me.
I had just been thinking about goals this morning and how I didn't know how to get the steps down let alone follow them
My hubby was a goalie and he succeded at everything he did.
My daughter Jenni is also a goalie and at age 37 has succeded at many. One of becoming a triathlete, and landing the job she went after. She is amazing.
I believe in Divine providence. It was written for me to look at Motivation.
Thank you Mike
God Bless you
Auntiebee Report
I can relate to this story. One time I did a flagstone floor in my atrium. It took me nearly six long months to complete it, but each new stone that was set put me closer to my goal and when it was finished, I was immensely proud of how it looked. Report
I have always been afraid to set goals. For fear of never reaching them and the resulting feelings of overwhelming inadequacy----I would only feel even the more that I just did not have what it takes. This article however, is methodical, thorough, and gives visual insight into how to break up the goal into managable pieces.

Thanks, Author! Report

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