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A Blueprint for Goal Achievement

Strategies to Reach Any Goal


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This article is well thought out and absolutely the truth. We plan our shopping, our dates, our weddings, our baby showers, our birthdays, and this is a reminder that our health is one of the most important to plan out for now and the future. Report
I enjoyed this article. It was well planned short and to the point. Did it help me. Yes. i am going to plan my weight loss today. Thank-you. Report
Excellent analogy. Easy to remember and apply. Thank you! Report
Thank you for this article
I have begun a journey for Weight loss and have been plannig to creat a goal list, that I could check off as I went along. This article not only helps me create the list but to also map out meeting the goals I set for my self Report
Where can I purchase a journal/tracker so I can get started. I feel so miserable and I just keep getting bigger and bigger. Help! Report
The biggest problem I have is, in keeping with the analogy, liking the end table I have too well. In other words, liking the foods and amounts that I like and not wanting to change my habits are my biggest obstacles. Report
Mike, what a delightful story and a great motivational piece. Thanks for sharing your talent.
Cute! Gave me incentive. God knows i need it! Report
What a great article! I love how making a coffee table can be a blueprint for life, in tha actualization of goals! I'm taking notes. Thanks for the wonderful story! Report
Reading this article just makes me feel good. I love the inspiration, motivation & perseverance that you had. Thank you for sharing this with us! Report
Great article. Very inspiring. I took notes. Report
Great article, Mike! You stopped to soon, though. We want to hear what happened when you reached your goal. Report
Inspiring! I'd like to see a photo of the table! Report
Great article about making it personal! I loved the image of making the coffee table. Thanks for putting an image with how we can all craft our own bodies, minds and spirits. Report
Right on. This absolutely sums it up. When most people, myself included, first decide to lose weight, they just think something vague and big like "I'm going to lose [this many] pounds" or "This is the year I'm finally going to do it" without any kind of plan or strategy or know-how. I've lost 55 pounds since January 2007 and have 20-some left to lose, and I only finally started losing weight when, before I started really trying, I sat down and started researching and reading about weight loss and how it works and how many pounds lost per week was healthy, etc. And that's what finally made the difference: I went into it this last time with a PLAN and specific steps I would take and ways I would keep track of my journey/progress. The specifics of one's planning and goal-setting are crucial to success. Great article. Report

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