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Eating a Healthy Diet With Lactose Intolerance


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Good need-to-know information! Report
I hope you crush all your goals today! Report
thank you Report
I have a dairy allergy & manage fine without it altho there are now lots of alternate products that wasn't always the case. I appreciate especially the coconut options. Calcium is tricky and most people need more magnesium so I take the two together then get my potassium in food. Taking minerals later in the day is best; vitamins esp the Bs in the morning so they don't keep you awake. The dairy industry has many people who need jobs. That's why you can't order a sandwich or burger anymore w/out having to say, pls hold the cheese. Pizza & tacos are cheap & have lots of cheese. I don't think it's only sugar that has made us fat; it's cheese & bacon on everything us desserts are typically cheesecake or something served w/ ice cream when you eat out. Dairy is invasive & unnecessary if not downright unhealthy. If 1 in every 4 or 5 people can't eat a certain food maybe our body doesn't recognise that substance as nourishment? Kind of like those pet food ads where the owners recognize they've been feeding their dogs filler & not meat. We are not calves. Report
Thank you for the information! Report
Thanks Report
I would never try to drink 1 cup of milk in one serving. I can probably deal with 1/3 cup OK. An advantage of lactose intolerance is that I am happy with small (several TBS) servings of ice cream, custard, yogurt, cheesecake, etc. It really takes away the desire to have large servings of some good treats. Report
I am a dairywoman and we have isolated the "A" gene in milk that is giving you trouble. We have bred our cattle to produce mass quantities of milk, however we bred into them the same gene we bred into horses that tend to founder and are classified as "easy keepers". Because everything in the industrial world is closely bred (line bred) most milk has the A1 gene that causes most of this. It ran through the Jersey herds and really hurt their breeding. Now, you can get A2 milk that has consciously cut this from the herd and kept only cattle that have not been adulterated. Look for A2 milk. Report
I am not LI but it was a great article.. Report
Nice article and informative. Didn't realize all the gradations. Report
Good article. Report
good points Report
Thank you for the information! Report
Many people, whether they realize it or not, are sensitive to milk/milk products. It is inflammatory and for those of us with auto-immune diseases, it's just going to aggravate an already overloaded system. Soy is no better. The only calcium you get from the milk alternatives has been added, so just take a supplement. Soy in any form should be avoided due to how it is grown (GMO). It is also mimics estrogen and males should avoid it like the plague! Wonder why you see so many more men with swollen breast tissue? If you eat a wide variety of veggies, you'll get enough calcium without the other complications! Report
Just shouting out a big Thank You foe this information!! Report

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