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5 Exercises That Could Be Bad for Your Back


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Good information. Report
I do the back strengtheners when I think about it Report
Pictures of exercises would have been nice. I’m not familiar with listed. Report
Great info! Thanks! Report
Thank you for pointing out these "risky" moves. The inclination of people new to exercise is to "dive-in" without any awareness of form or avoidance depending upon physical ailments and abilities. Great article! Keep'em coming! Report
Great tips! Thanks! Report
Good to know! Report
This would have been more helpful with photos showing what not to do and the correct way to do these exercises. Report
Very informative Report
Thanks, good need-to-know information. Report
This was excellent in terms of suggestions as well as reasons to avoid certain movements. -- As I continue to age, the whole idea of maintaining FUNCTIONAL fitness rises to the "top" of my to-do list! Report
Very helpful should read it over & over Report
Good to know info! Thanks! Report
good to know Report
Absolutely great Report

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