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The Skinny on Using a Food Scale to Lose Weight


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Be careful about tip #2: "Weigh food before it's cooked. For most food products, the information on the nutrition label pertains to its raw, uncooked version." This is INCORRECT for a lot of the entries in the Spark database - especially meats. Since Spark chose to not include the descriptor of "raw" or "cooked" from the USDA database, you really need to double check the entry with the original USDA site to confirm whether a listing is for raw or cooked (and, if cooked, by which method).
Packaged foods, on the other hand, do have to list their nutrient value "as packaged" (so - will be before cooking weight if raw, or after cooking weight if pre-cooked). Go by your own package label to see which it is.
Other than that - article is a good reminder for a great tool. Report
I have a great relationship with my scale. Report
I have the one where it shows the nutritional information after you put a specific code in it. It's great Report
I was so happy see this article on food scales. I have had a digital one for 5 years, and when my father was alive and living with me, I used it always as he had both diabetes and was in renal failure. I hadn't used the scale since he passed in 2015, but when I started Sparkpeople this month, I started using it again and I love it!! I buy my poultry & fish in large quantity when on sale, and I take the time upfront to weigh and cut it up into 3-4 ounce pieces. I wrap each piece individually and throw it in the freezer. I don't bother marking the weight on the package because all pieces are within that 3-4 oz size. I do weigh it again the day I defrost it so I can record that actual portion weight in my tracker. It's tough gaging that 3-4 ounces in the beginning. But you know how you ask the butcher for a specific amount of a product and they get the weight almost right-on the first time? That will happen to you, too, after using a scale for a while. I am able to cut my pieces and am almost always within .2 oz of what I want. My scale weighs in lbs, oz, kg, and g. I weigh almost everything in grams with the exception on meat/fish, which I weigh in ounces. I also pre-package a lot of the fruits and vegetables I eat fresh every day. I have one set of pre-weighed containers (of all kinds... plates, bowls, etc). I use the same containers all of the time because amazingly enough, not all of your plates, bowls etc) in your dish set will weigh the same. I am amazed at how different the weights can be. If you, like me, are trying to stay within a target amount of calories, weighing your food is absolutely the most accurate way to get the numbers right! We've learned about the importance of forming good habits and using your scale will soon become a habit that I hope you love as much as I do!! I started my tracking 3 weeks ago and as of today, have lost 7 lbs which is right where I want to be (at a safe loss of about 2 lbs per week) I hope my story gets you excited about acquiring a scale... and HAPPY WEIGHING!!! Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
Thank You................ Report
Thanks Report
I use my food scale every day! I really notice a difference in my eating habits. No longer do I feel "stuffed". I lose weight faster using my scale than when I eyeball my food. Report
Great article. Report
thank you Report
I love my food scale. I try to use it as often as possible but sometimes I'm lazy. Report
I love my kitchen scale, it's actually easier than measuring cups. Report

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