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I feel compelled to reply to some of the less than positive comments that have been made about Zumba. First, there is no "hype". Zumba is extremely popular because it appeals to anyone who can move their feet. You absolutely can burn UP TO 800 calories in an hour once you are familiar with the moves and are applying maximum energy. When you first start, if you are not comfortable with dancing, you may find you are fumbling around a bit, but I can assure you that once you get familiar with the moves you WILL BURN A LOT OF CALORIES! If you can't make it to a class, or if one is not offered where you are, you can find many routines on Youtube. If you want to use a DVD, go to There are many DVDs available for sale there!

As with any exercise, you must be sure you are wearing the right gear, including the right shoes, and that you are moving in a way that is safe for your body. Make sure that your instructor is qualified to teach and that they understand the fundamentals of fitness.

I became a Zumba instructor last year because no other workout has ever given me so much joy, and I felt the need to share that joy with others. Zumba has changed many lives and made exercising fun for many people. Hard to find anything negative about that! Report
I became a Zumba instructor because it was the one fitness routine that made me genuinely happy. Now I judge how good my classes are by how big the smiles are as folks are leaving the room. :-) If you haven't already, please try a Zumba class... I pormise, you won't be disappointed! Report
Hello Everyone.....Well I finally found a fitness workout that I enjoy.....Had to start slowly because of charley horses in my calves, but I make sure I drink alot of electrolites before and after and have not had since. Hopefully this craze is here to stay!!!!! Report
I started Zumba classes the end of January this year...& I am addicted. Our instructor is so much fun & really gets the energy up! I go 3-4 times a week, then have the Zumba DVD at home to do on the weekends!! This is the first time in my life that I LOVE to exercise!!! :)
@ DDorn-YES, guys take zumba, adding their own "zest" to the movements. If you or anyone else are in the NY area, I'd be more than happy to recommend my favorite male and female zumba instructors. I've been zumbaing for almost 5 years and I must say that I cringe at elliptical and treadmill workouts. I've worn a heart rate monitor regularly for about 4.5 years and the calories expended varies and depends greatly on individual characteristics and the amount of effort spent in moving.
Altogether, I've taken Master Classes and worked out regularly with at least 12 different instructors, having dance and non-dance backgrounds, who add individual flair to each workout, making it fun. Most times I feel as if the hour has gone by too quickly
I only wish that I could find Zumba DVDs. I don't have time for a class, or the expense for a class. Report
They could have been more accurate in saying that you can burn UP TO 800 calories, but it is not hype. I have burned and do still burn up to 800 calories doing Zumba. In my class, I've had some students burn more than 800 calories. Each class is different. My goal is to make the most of that hour. Report
I totally agree with this comment and am tired of the 'hype' from all of these web pages claiming this...

I seriously doubt that most of us would burn 800 calories in a zumba class. Sorry, but maybe if you are a super muscular man in his mid 20s who weighs 200 pounds but the rest of us will not have that kind of calorie burn.

Claiming otherwise sets people up to fail. "I burned 800 calories in zumba tonight so now I can eat a large dinner." Report
If you never tried African, that ... depending on the teacher. Is as fast as Zumba, but uses different steps. There's a lot of moving only one leg because slaves were cuffed by one foot so they wouldn't escape.

If you're in SE Michigan, and belong to the Downriver YMCA, there was a wonderful class called Dance Aerobic Sampler. One week Zumba, then Modern/Jazz, then African and then Ballet. Too bad I was the only one to take it last session and it got cancelled. Suppose to offer it again. Gosh I hope so because it was the best class I've ever taken. Report
I seriously doubt that most of us would burn 800 calories in a zumba class. Sorry, but maybe if you are a super muscular man in his mid 20s who weighs 200 pounds but the rest of us will not have that kind of calorie burn.

Claiming otherwise sets people up to fail. "I burned 800 calories in zumba tonight so now I can eat a large dinner." Report
I love my Zumba class and my ZFamily because it truly has become like a sisterhood for us. Our instructor is amazing, our classes ROCK!! The only complain I would have is that we just moved to a huge studio and since the place is so big and tall it tends to get really cold. But classes ROCK. I recommend everyone to try at least 3 classes. If you dont like an instructor than try another. I've Zumba'd with my instructor and three others from around town and my instructor is by far the best one for me.

I also have to show off that I've done a master class with Gina and even got to snap a photo with her =D Report
I LOVE my Zumba class. My instructor uses a mic, and really helps to encourage us through the moves. I've tried a number of instructors, but I always go back to Rose.

We have woman of all ages, and there isn't a water break - none of the instructors I've tried have had one. That being said, Rose always stresses that this is our workout. What we put into it, we'll get out of it. Listen to our bodies. We also rotate, so that each "line" moves up towards the front of the class with each song. It helps keep us motivated, and even builds in a natural time to stop by and grab a drink. I will frequently take a drink between songs.

My 15-18 pounds of weight loss since July is almost directly attributed to my up to 5 Zumba classes a week. My HRM routinely has me burning in excess of 700 calories. I love it! Report
There are lots of ZUMBA work out clips on YouTube to watch for free. Report
Too bad you didn't mention Zumba Gold, a modified Zumba workout that includes hand weights. It's advertized for "older" exercisers, hence the "Gold" designation. However, it can still kick your butt. I took Zumba Gold, and in between each song, we got our handweights & did a couple of minutes of standing upper-body exercises.

Another thing not mentioned in this article: If you have knee, hip or back problems, be very careful! There's a lot of knee bends, hip/waist twisting, and turning - after all, it's mostly Latin dancing - mamba, cha cha, etc.

If you wear regular sneakers/cross-trainers you could hurt your knees or hips because your shoes won't pivot properly - they stick to the floor dut to friction. Some people buy dance shoes or put duct tape on the toe area of their shoes, or put part of a sock on them.

In one Zumba Gold class I was in, the lady next to me fell backwards during a turn because her shoe stuck to the floor and she lost her balance. She hit her head on the floor & injured her shoulder. The EMTs had to be called & she was taken to the ER. Report
This article is just what I needed! I used to be in the old (but fun) high impact aerobics classes, and attended 4-6 times a week. Then I hurt my back and couldn't attend for several months, and you know how hard it is to get back into your routine after an absence. Then, it seemed that the high impact classes were harmful to some, all cardio went to Step, which I can't stand. So, more delay. Finally, my fitness center - where one of my former instructors teaches - began offering Zumba, sounds like just my thing, and I can't wait to start. Report

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