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All About Zumba Class!

Dance Your Way to Fitness


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Can someone who us
As had a knee replacement. Unfortunately I had a knee replacement and I can't kneel.
I would appreciate any info since it looks like a great workout

Can t kneel and i dont knoecoif this acreqired. i live the zunba worksout and i hip i an do. yhanks for any info.Dan,t knees Report
Zumba is my all time favorite exercise class! I have been taking it once or twice a week for over three years. I am 52 and a bit overweight, but I don't feel self conscious at all because we have so many different kinds of people in my classes - young, old, men, women, fit, very overweight - you name it! Our classes are very diverse, which is what makes them fun. We all have so much fun together because the instructors are great, they motivate us and tell us "just do what you can do". If anyone feels silly in a Zumba class, it is time to find a new class! With the right classmates and instructors, you can truly have a blast while blasting calories. Please don't give up! Report
I can barely walk forget Zumba.Would love to be able to take classes but with severe spinal athritis I am doing good just to be able to walk around my house a little and exercise on my elliptical in the eve.Sure sounds like FUN! Report
I went to my first Zumba class a couple of months ago and was surprised at the range of ages and body sizes, and how easily everyone followed along. I sure didn't get every move at first but it wasn't so bad. Zumba is work, but it's a pleasure compared to trying to tolerate an hour on the treadmill or elliptical. Report
Love Zumba! Report
Went to my first Zumba class tonight! It was amazing! I loved it and can't' wait to go back. Report
I've always loved Zumba. I love dancing and have good rhythm, so for me, Zumba feels like an extension of something I already love as opposed to a workout, And it has helped me lose the kilos! Report
if you are embarrassed easily DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS! you will forever hate it. my own niece told me how stupid i looked. i couldn't keep up with the other people, i couldn't hear the teacher, this was my third and last class, i just walked out, red faced, embarrassed, and with a hatred of this exersize, i will never go back! i was so frustrated when i walked out i was crying! i have never gone back to the gym even though i have a membership, this is the kind of problem a lot of us beginners have. people tell us to jump in and enjoy, and we get lost frustrated and carry a hatred of the exercise, i would never tell anyone this class is fun and easy because that is a huge lie, this class is hard and frustrating!! zumba is not for a beginner, it is a class for people who have some sort of dance history. Report
Oh! i like these post.These post help to all people even beginner. All the details in these article but time is more important so i am says to all people who want to join zumba class please first confirm about time and Fees by the call them.
Lots of Zumba workouts on YouTube. Report
I've noticed that Zumba classes are different for different areas/rec centers. I first took a Zumba class at my local uni -- it had a lot of new music and the instructors more or less tailored it for college-aged girls (we did have older folks and some males, though! My professor rocked it with the rest of us~~). However, a Zumba class my mum went to in rural Alaska used weights and chairs only (I'm not sure if it was even a registered Zumba class... but it was called Zumba...). Sometimes, just watching for a bit before jumping in can help as well.

Like with any exercise, you definitely need to understand what your body is doing and what you can and cannot do with it. If your knees start to hurt with Zumba, compensate by not doing as many turns and taking more steps. If you have a hard time jumping, do squats or steps. Really good instructors will give low/medium/high intensity options -- but it's also up to you to make the workout worthwhile.

Lastly, I have tried the first Zumba Wii game. Honestly, and perhaps it's just that I'm an old-school gamer, I didn't find it nearly as exciting as the class. You just shake the remote and it rewards you. If you're going to use the Wii for Zumba, think of it more as an instructional dvd than anything else and use it on non-carpeted areas. Carpet + Zumba = really bad idea. Report
I started Zumba in January and have lost 35 pounds! This is the first exercise I have ever enjoyed. I attend a few classes a week and LOVE it!!! I burn between 600 and 800 calories a class depending on the instructor's intensity and how hard I push myself! I now weigh 185 pounds. Half way there....35 more to go!! I am still burning this many calories because I can work harder as I get more fit! Report
Didn't know what Zumba is a dance party! I'm definitely interested! Report
Zumba is an awesome workout!! Dancing is fun. I can't afford a class so i have the dvds, andactually have the orginal DVD and the "exhilarate" dvd. I got them from Amazon(where else) Report
I have been going to Zumba classes 2-4 times a week for about a year now and LOVE it!! I haven't been one to exercise that much, I never liked to sweat but these classes have turned all that around. I do have arthritis in my knees so I usually adapt my routines to moving in place when they are jumping around or twisting so that I don't aggravate the knees but it has helped alot. We have the most fun laughing at ourselves when we mess up but believe me you usually don't have time watching others, you are focused on the body of your instructor and trying to duplicate her moves. It is hard initially and you feel like you can never get the routines but believe me coming from someone that is overweight and almost 49 years old you can do it...I'm proof of that. We have all ages and sizes. I have lost quite a few inches from just doing this and not really trying otherwise. I just now need to continue doing this and focus on my eating and work on eating the right portions. Try Zumba you will love it!!!

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