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All About Zumba Class!

Dance Your Way to Fitness


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I used to do Zumba at home, I have DVDs when my knees feel better I will try again. Report
You can do this stuff at home, it all is meaningful to your goals. Don’t be intimidated by classes and gyms. Do stuff at home, it works! Report
I really miss my Zumba classes. The gym where I am now do not offer the classes when I can attend. I now ride with someone and have to attend when it's convenient for her. Report
Sounds like great fun! Report
YouTube, Periscope, and Twitter also all carry Zumba classes online. Report
I started by SP program about 4 years+ ago and am now down 214 pounds. On a Challenge I attended my first Zumba (Gold) class and have been hooked ever since. In my first year of Zumba I took the Instructor training and became a licensed Zumba & Zumba Gold Instructor.

As an Instructor-I would like to point out that a lot of us with medical issues, or weight/age issues are MORE APPROPRIATE for Zumba Gold which is a slower speed and the Instructor has been trained better to MODIFY the program for those of us who need the extra care and attention.

Find an instructor, who agrees with my mindset, that Gold is not just AGE/SENIOR related. That's an advantage over the DVD's. The Zumba web site inclusion is spot on. A great article. Report
LOVE Zumba! I enjoy "BollyX" too...FUN! There is no "wrong" way to do it; so please don't feel badly if you don't catch on right away - Give yourself a chance! Sure, it's not for everyone, but at least give it a shot! Best wishes with however you choose to move; weight loss is so much easier if you incorporate regular activity with healthy eating! Cheers! Report
I currently attend Zumba 4 days a week. I love it very invigorating and fun exercise. Report
I love(d) Zumba, and still love the idea of it. What a fun way to exercise, and I left each class feeling happy and confident and loving my body. Then one day, after three years of Zumba classes, I moved the wrong way, injuring my piriformis muscle, could hardly move for a couple of weeks, felt pain just walking -- and then slowly, slowly with visits to the chiropractor and the acupuncturist and massage therapist, over about a year's time, finally felt as if I could function normally again, and it took another year to not feel spasms and twinges. During the height of the Zumba craze, there were news stories about many Zuma-related visits to the doctor and emergency rooms. That won't happen to me, I said. But it did. Report
I wish I had known about Zumba a long time ago. Report
Love these! Report
I went to zumba on the beach and it was a blast. Report
I enjoy these Report
I used to have the Zumba workout dvd's. It was fun. I just got bored with it eventually. Report
I would love to go to Zumba class Report

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