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All About Zumba Class!

Dance Your Way to Fitness


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Shake your money maker, or whatever Report
Have never tried it, but I want to. Report
I used to do salsa for about 3 hours once a week, but my early mornings for work meant I was just too tired so I had to stop. I fancy Zumba, so I will look into getting a DVD. Report
Thanks for sharing I use to do Zumba , now do U-Jam every Monday love the classes. Report
Awesome...thanks... Report
fun way to exercise Report
Zumba is my favorite cardio workout. Report
Thank you Report
Zumba is what got me started on my fitness journey! As an instructor I would like to address two points in this article though: you won't find 30-60 second breaks in classes, that's way too much time for your heart rate to go down (and it would kill the party give). Most instructors don't stop the playlist, you grab water at your own discretion, or at most there will be a 5-10 second pause.

The second, more important point-- Zumba Gold is NOT a senior program! It's a low-impact slower paced Zumba format with more basic steps. It is indeed great for seniors (as well as those with certain health conditions/injuries/etc), but I also have younger students as well-- and I have some students in their 70s in my regular Zumba classes! The classes are all-inclusive (although children should stick with Zumba Kids)! I use some routines from Gold in my regular classes and my students are none the wiser, it's still a workout! Report
Started back with Zumba at our gym w/new instructors. Can't say I can follow everything, but the class is big fun, love the energy, get a great workout and it's a nice change of pace from my other workouts. Report
GREAT article and advice! I am turning 60 this August and I absolutely LOVE Zumbaaaahhhh! Report
Love love love my Zumba classes. Report
This looks like a lot of fun! Report

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