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All About Zumba Class!

Dance Your Way to Fitness


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Zumba looks interesting, but I doubt very much my arthritic hips and knees could take it. Report
I do Zumba videos on Youtube. To learn the moves (for any workout dance routine) I first put the speed on .75 or .5 and open another Window and play music I like and then work on learning the steps. Once I know the routine, I speed it up again. I like Oldies Music, so I most often us it as I don't care for a lot of the new music.
The best channel I have found for older people is ZDanceLiz
She doesn't talk, but gives hand signals and she is geared to older people. Report
I tried Zumba, and absolutely hated it. I need to know what I am expected to do, not guess wildly. Very poorly put together. Report
I don't think I could do this anymore Report
So much fun Report
I love Zumba Report
Thanks Report
Some of my friends love it and I tried it once but this is just not for me. Report
Awesome...thanks... Report
Can’t seem to follow it at the right speed, but do laugh a lot! Report
I call this dancing to the music, SparkFriends. It doesn't even seem like we're exercising! It's a party Report
Thank you! Report
I really enjoy the class even though I am not able to do all the moves. I also like the new Zumba! Strong which incorporates strength training. Report
Shake your money maker, or whatever Report

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