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Embrace Your Inner Child to Get in Shape

8 Recess-Inspired Activities that are More than Kid's Play


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I love playing with my son and nieces. I always swing when we go to the park. Hide and seek and tag are among our favorite games Report
Going to look for a dodgeball group.
Have to see if I can get the hang of hula hooping again. Years ago I was pretty good, now not so much. Guess that means the core needs work, right?😳 Report
Functional fitness Report
If anyone is interested, there is a Spark People team for hula hooping. It is called Hula Hooping for Fun & Fitness. We also have fun health challenges. Come by and check us out.
_individual.asp Report
Great Article! Report
Some great, fun ideas here! Thanks! Report
I love and nurture my inner child all the time...Great article! Report
Interesting Report
thank you Report
Haven't tried the hula hoop or jump rope in quite some time. Maybe it is time to pick it up again. Report
Very interested article. Report
Looks like I'm going hula hoop shopping! :D
I agree...I'm always running around with my niece and nephew... Report
I LOVE hooping. I am right-handed but my preferred direction is clockwise; however, I can also do counter-clockwise. I can do a few "tricks" but nothing fancy. It's a LOT of fun though! (I've got to get back in the habit again)! Report

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