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9/4/19 2:06 P

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I am hoping and praying that you get a negative result with the follow up test.


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9/4/19 2:02 P

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Oh I hope his text will show that he doesn't have heartworm! I never let my baby out when we have an alert for the mosquitos. I never let her out at night anyway. I believe in extra precautions! I don't get medicines other than what our vet prescribes either.

Thx for the heads up and give Charlie our love and puppy smooches!

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9/4/19 1:43 P

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Charlie Brown, is our third Yorkie. He’s almost 6 months old.

We’ve had him for a couple months and he sure has made himself at home. He is such a little lover....and his tail hasn’t stopped wagging and he can’t hold his licker... so many kisses!

We had his baby teeth surgically removed because they were crowding his permanent teeth. We also asked the vet to do a blood panel so they would have a baseline for future reference. (New vet since our favorite vet Dr Jean sold her clinic...long story.).

Anyway, his test came back positive for heartworm!

The breeder has his mom (all her show dogs) on heartworm Rx ... so we’re hoping it’s a false positive.... however, and this is what I want to bring to your attention, she buys her meds from Canada or other places out if the US because its less expensive...

Our Vet says many if those drugs are not up to standard and many, MANY, dogs have come down with heartworm while using these out of US drugs.

The packages and meds look exactly like what we have in the US.... but they’re not the same.

Charlie gies back for another blood panel at the end of the month. Hopefully, it’ll come back negative...(and the breeder is taking his mom in for testing, and we’ll learn if she tests positive soon.)

But If he tests positive again, he’ll have to go through some sort of antibiotic treatment, and hopefully that’ll take of it.

Anyway, heartworm is nothing to fool around with as it can kill a dog. So please beware.

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