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1/8/10 12:07 A

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Thanks for sharing the prayer. That is a good one. I do something similar:
As I stretch up, breath in - Lord Jesus Christ
Forward bend, exhale - Son of God
Mountain pose/prayer pose, inhale - Have Mercy on me a Sinner exhale.
I do this several times before I go into any routine. It gets the focus on the right ONE and helps me start with a peaceful mind.

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1/6/10 12:25 P

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Me again, with just an overview of what I usually do in my home yoga practice. I'd love to hear what you typically do when you practice at home. For me it is generally something like this:

1. Seated or standing breathwork to focus
2. Son Series/Sun Salutations (I don't usually do "jump backs" because I really like the hip flexor stretch in lunging back, as well as the slower pace. I often start with a modified, kneeling lunge series on each side before taking high lunges. The sequence I do includes chair poses as well.)
3. Standing poses (usually Warrior 1 and 2, triangle, extended side angle)
4. Standing forward fold
5. Seated stretches and twists (head to knee, half lord of the fishes, seated pigeon)
6. bridge, lying down spinal twist, reclining bound angle/cobblers pose, knees to chest
7. relaxation (true confession: I usually short change myself on this in my home practice - by this time I often have two dogs and two children clamoring for attention)

Another true confession: unless I am practicing with a video, I typically keep it pretty short. The above might take just 20 minutes if that is all the time I can carve out, and sometimes all I do is a few rounds of a Son Series. If I get 30 minutes of solo practice in on a given day, I am pleased. I figure that a little bit each day is better than a lot one day a week!

If I have more time I like to "play" with balance poses... both standing and arm balances. I would add them in between 4 and 5 above. I also substitute or adapt depending on how I am feeling, like adding a fuller backbend series. It just depends on how I am feeling and what my body seems to need.

"So if anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation: everything old has passed away, see, everything has become new!"

2 Corinthians 5:17 (NRSV)

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1/6/10 12:07 P

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Happy New Year, all! Here is where we can post our favorite pose sequences. I may have mentioned this elsewhere but will throw it in to get us started. The first I wanted to share is a prayer sequence that I like to use in my Holy Yoga classes. I often neglect to do it in my home practice but am always glad when I do. It is in the plural below because of the group class setting, but could also use "my and I" instead of "our and we" of course:

*God our Creator (inhaling, arms sweeping up, reaching above head)
*Jesus our Redeemer (exhaling, arms out to sides, parallel to ground)
*Holy Spirit our Sustainer (inhaling, hands to heart)
*We praise you (exhaling, hands in prayer position)

This is adapted from two different books: Thomas Ryan's Prayer of Heart and Body and Susan Roth's An Invitation to Christian Yoga.

"So if anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation: everything old has passed away, see, everything has become new!"

2 Corinthians 5:17 (NRSV)

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