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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Here you are at the biggest race of your life... The incredible lifestyles change race... the horn is about to sound but you're hesitating... you don't know if you want to step into the starting block or walk away from this life changing event.

to your right is a person dressed in white track shorts and white shirt! She's been running the race for years! She looks incredible and you're feeling a little bit intimidated... she calmly says "Don't worry honey... It might be tough for the first little while but soon you'll look just like me"

Your ego just got a big boost!

You look to the left and you see an overweight participant, on a lounge chair covered in a beach blanket. This guy doesn't care about anything or anyone except himself. He's tipping back beer after beer, eating pork rinds, cookies, and assorted pastries... Only God knows what he has in the backpack! He turns to you and says "What are you looking at... Take a picture it lasts longer..." After you look at this guy laying there in all his glory you finally decide to run the incredible race! What changed your mind? was it the encouragement from person 1 or was it that you didn't want to end up like person number 2?

I remember being person number 2... always negative, not having anything good to say... 330 pounds and not caring about myself! It was when my Doctor told me I was going to die unless I changed my ways that I joined the Great Race!

My Doctor Said it best! "Do or Die!" and now this not so lean, mean fighting machine was fighting for his life!

I kept telling myself, If you want to win in the incredible race for life you have to enter the race and run... you have to compete! They even had rules for me to follow! Eat the proper food, drink the proper drink, only so many calories, no salt, no sugar (Diabetic you know) no breads (at least for now) no potatoes, green veggies, no pop, no chocolate, non of the fattening stuff that I used to eat! I thought I was going to die!

Then they said... exercise, walk, dumbbells, stretching, physio, and on and on...
I didn't think my body was going to take it... Then they said "unless you smarten up and take these pills for gout, arthritis, high blood pressure, Diabetes, and a few of these other wouldn't hurt either... like proper vitamins, garlic pills, etc... you'll probably lose your legs to diabetes, lose your eyesight, be sore in all your joints... find it hard to sleep...

Was there anything that I could do to reverse the abuse that I voluntarily inflicted upon myself?

My Physiotherapist, Doctor and nutritionist told me exactly what I had to do...
A LIFESTYLE CHANGE! Then I was told about this great place where I could get free everything from recipes, friends, tracking, exercise tracking, medical help...
I thought it was too good to be true! I was told about Spark People!

Guess what? Guess who was in the starting blog at the great race of life! It was me! Ready for action! I was told that you must take this first step if your going to win the race for your life! I was told the first step will take a considerable amount of effort and maybe some pain, but after while everything you do will become easier! The rules of the race were simple...once you start the race and once you're must keep moving.

When I first started I could only walk about a block, 1 minute on the treadmill before I got winded... stretching was a chore but the therapist was right... Keep moving and it gets easier...
85 pounds later, and still following advice, I do 5 walking patrols at an hour a piece at the college, I go to the gym to stretch and lift weights, I play on the Wii Fit and I'm enjoying life! I still have my legs and I can do tons of things that I couldn't do before... like ride a bike, go golfing and waterskiing!

With only 45 pounds more to go I'm going to win this race and I'll have my life back.

If you have to face a decision such as this... don't let your life slip away... Jump up and claim what's yours! Get your life back! It's worth it... take it from a former couch potato and an ex professional lounge lizard... Life is where it's at... don't miss out on the greatest adventure that is set in front of you!

THE GREAT RACE FOR LIFE! Where winning starts at the beginning!

We're ready to start the race... Are You?

There's room at the start for everyone... all you have to do is start!


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