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11/8/15 1:06 A

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I haven't bought serious running shoes since I was in the Army. I used to love New Balance 998's. $100 a pair back in the early 90's....And in 6 months they were shot.

I don't even know what really to look for in shoes. I have a set of Puma's now, not running shoes, but they are pretty good shoes. I just had to add a arch support, it is getting impossible to find shoes with arch supports nowdays.

I didn't think about wearing tight clothes under loose, good idea. I am trying to run while I am walking, give it short stints of running. For me right now I am doing it during lunch, and I don't really want to get sweaty while I am work.

Should I eat before I walk or run or after? Being I am doing it at lunchtime, not sure what is best.

What is underpronations? Never heard of that. I was having pain in my arch on my left foot and I bought a relatively cheap, but decent, arch support and the that foot hasn't hurt since.

11/2/15 10:53 A

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You may have heard this before but it's oh so important. SHOES!!!

I have learned over the years how important this is in helping with shins splints (had em) plantar fascitis (had em) and even ankle pains due to underpronations (yup, had that too)

it's da shoes man

now, as far as feeling "too big" to run...well, that's why we are ALL here right? LOL Heck I'm even on a team called "slow, fat runners" aka chunky runners but hey you are NOT to worry, you CAN do this!!

as far as clothing, I'm still learning. I wear a sports bra and tight fitting garments UNDER my loose fitting clothes. in 100 degree weather. LOL I'm just not ready to share the jiggle just yet.

Congrats on getting back into running!



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11/1/15 1:32 P

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I am not new to running, did it a LOT when I was in the Army. I used to bike ride (my best was >3000 miles in 2 years) between my racing bike and mountain bike. Mix of all sorts of riding when I was in Germany.

So, now, 25 years later and I and thanks to Dr. Pepper, have gained a ton of weight. I am down to 288 now from 305 in the last 2 months (I am 5' 11"). I walk an average of 4 miles a day, usually 2-2.5 non stop at "intense pace" according to my Misfit tracker, the stopwatch and google maps put me right at 4 mph walking pace.

I am really itching to run, but I am very worried about the impact of running on my knees and shins. My legs are still fairly lean, but I have a lot up top weight.

What can I do? What should I do? What should I NOT to?

Also, what clothing is best? I hate the "jiggle", that is hard to handle. What should I wear? I do prefer the firmness of compression garments, but not sure what I should wear.

My short term goal is 275 by New Years, and 180 overall. I have been at a plateau at 290 (+/- 1) for 4 weeks now, and finally, might have broke that today. I use MyFitnessPal and a Misfit Flash tracker. Watching my eating habits has helped a LOT, not drinking calories is one of my golden rules right now. Now if I could get sodium down I would be happier.

I went on a short walk last week and it started to rain and I did a short 1/4 mile or less easy run back to my car and it felt good, but I could feel the stress on my shins. Which that and my knees are my biggest concerns.

Thanks for any advice!

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