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1/13/19 11:24 P

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I am done. For too long I have been heartbroken, because my Husband cruelly rejected me at 45, saying he did not want intimacy anymore. ( I was very trim) I started to eat, late at night, to comfort my shattered heart.
I packed on the pounds, and feel really awful, now.
I have to grab hold of me! I deserve to feel better, love myself again!
I am resolved to put myself first, get healthy, eat well, exercise more, and find my beautiful self, under all of this heartbreak!

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12/2/18 12:12 P

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I am DONE!

I'm Done with:

1. Procrastinating - I am 40 now and have been focused on weight loss for too many years!
2. Allowing fear to run my life
3. Allowing my weight to stop me from the things I want
4. Criticizing and judging myself so harshly that I will never make progress
5. Not loving myself as I am right now so I can move forward
6. Comparing my life to everyone else's highlight reel on social media
7. Being lazy and not doing the things I need to do for my health, heart, mind and spirit
8. Dieting...I will eat real food and track what I eat on SP
9. Thinking about things I should or want to be doing and ACTUALLY DO THEM!
10. Surrounding myself with "friends" who don't have my best interest at heart, who don't support, encourage and love me. This will be difficult and painful, but will be worth it.

My Goals are:
1. To eat more plant based and vegan (about 80% of the time) because I feel better
2. To get some exercise every day and make it a part of my life
3. Focus more on what's driving me to food, and pay attention to those thoughts and feelings
4. Break the ties between food and emotional dependency
5. Lose the rest of my weight and never find it again
6. Travel more this year and do it without debt!
7. Pay off the rest of the credit cards and knock out the student loans by 2020!
8. Run my 4th Half Marathon and come in under 3 hours
9. Love myself enough to open my life to the possibility of a Prince Charming!
10. Get my business going and move closer to the beach by the end of 2019!

Don't ever let anyone else but YOU define your self-worth.
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10/18/18 3:20 P

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I am certainly D.O.N.E!

I'm Done with:

1. Waiting until tomorrow to start
2. Worrying about what other's think of my WOE
3. Making excuses
4. Letting myself "go"
5. Looking at scale victories only
6. Comparing my goals to other's goals
7. Sitting on the fence
8. Holding on to the past
9. Watching others and wishing
10. Listening to family snarly remarks of how "face it, you'll never do it"

My Goals are:

1. Getting under 175lbs
2. Preplan meals
3. Preplan fitness
4. Preplan more activities that require body movement
5. Sleep more
6. Walk and take pictures to unwind often
7. Read daily motivational/devotional
8. Make small/short term goals to achieve my ultimate goals
9. Organize daily
10. Face the day with Boldness

Leader~ Done Being The Fat Girl! (Most awesome team eVer!
~Superhero ~Anti-Blah ~Redneck~ Division~
*TinyClosetDancer* (name given to me by TANSHAN1)

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning how to dance in the rain!"

WOLFKITTY Showing me how to do the Cupid Shuffle!

I Love the Done Girl's Team!

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10/16/18 12:21 A

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Why are you DONE? What are you DONE with? What are your goals? emoticon

Make a list of 10 things you are DONE with or 10 goals here (or both or just 5 if you prefer emoticon )

Check back often to remind yourself of why you started and why you joined this team. Read what other DONE girls are saying for inspiration and support emoticon

Update your list as you find necessary!

I'll start with mine and I hope you'll join me!

I'm DONE with:

1. Not loving myself enough to put in the effort
2. Letting outside events and people control my thoughts and emotions
3. Dwelling on the past
4. Worrying about the future
5. Being lazy
6. Being the victim
7. Not eating healthy or drinking enough water
8. Giving up
9. Lieing to myself
10. Wasting time

My Goals Are:

1. Get under 200 lbs
2. Wear a bathing suit next year when we go to Mexico
3. Finish my current fitness program and start a new one
4. Cook more at home again
5. Journal/Blog more
6. Get out of the house more often
7. Get my hair done
8. Have bubble baths more often to relax
9. Get more sleep during the week
10. Wake up earlier on the weekends

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