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During the hang with the teacher portion after the official Chapter One webinar, BJ Fogg showed this idea.

The Fogg Behavior model (discussed in chapter one of the book) shows how to choose items for your tiny habits that are above the action line (the curved line in the drawing). They have enough motivation and are easy enough to do that they fall above that curved line (e.g. need lots of motivation if harder to do, need less motivation if easy to do - the reason behind doing a tiny 30 second habit).

As you do the tiny habit it becomes easier - Examples: After putting the breakfast dishes in the sink do one countertop pushup or after grabbing keys grab an apple to take to work for a snack). With the exercise you get stronger as you do it each day so that the pushup becomes easier to do. With grabbing the apple it becomes more automated needing less thinking, so it it also becomes easier to do.

This means it moves further away (above) the action line.
See the picture attached. I added some notations to make it more clear since it was a quick fast drawing BJ did. The Dark blue circles are B1 (behavior 1, the 1 is below the B but I can't type that here) , the first time you did the behavior. As you do the behavior the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, times you see that the behavior moves further away above the action curve as it becomes easier physically to do or more automatic.

Then you see the line drawn to the left which is a baby step up of the behavior (e.g. Do 2 countertop pushups or after after deciding what to cook for dinner confirm you are including a low starch vegetable). Then you see this behavior gets done several times until it gets far above the action curve and you are ready to do another baby step up.

I will do a better writeup sometime this week when I review the rest of what I might want to say about Chapter 1, I just wanted to jot this down for now.

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