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BJ described habits as something that you do automatically without thinking about it and routines as something you do regularly but don't do in a specific order (some days do the task but no other days, do the task different times different days, etc.).

The same action can be either a habit or a routine depending how you do it.

For example, if you make your lunch the night before it can be:
A habit - if making your lunch for the next day is always done after the same previous action every time (e.g. you always make your lunch right after you put your dinner on the stove to cook/warm up, or you always make your lunch after you finish dinner and put the dishes into the sink/dishwasher).

A routine - if you make your lunch for the next day sometime after getting home that evening, but you don't do this every day (sometimes you go out for lunch with friends and sometimes work brings lunch in for workers) and while it is done as part of your evening routine the task can be done anytime that evening (or even the next morning if you are tired/got home late).

Habits can help us do what we want get done, since it is automatic. However, we can think of them differently. For example, going to the gym right after work everyday can be a habit, but what you do when you get to the gym (different exercises/classes/even different order of the exercises) is not a habit (it is something you think about and change day to day).

You can have a chain of habits, such as: After I finish eating, I put dishes into the dishwasher, then I put together my lunch and water bottle to take to work in the morning, then I lay out my clothes for tomorrow, then I go get ready for bed.

Or the habit can be something that gets you started on your evening routine such as: after I finish eating I immediately review (in my head or from a list) what I need to take with me tomorrow and lay it all out/put it in the fridge (doing the tasks in whatever order I choose), so it is ready to grab in the morning. So the habit gets you going, the actual tasks you do are a routine (and you might go off a list to make sure you remember them all).

Viewing habits and routines differently, helped me to understand what weight loss tasks I want to do as a habit and which ones work better for me as a routine.

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