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10/16/10 3:17 A

If you are completely unable to stop the munchies, at least munch healthy.
I bring NO junk food into my home - no chips, cookies, ice cream, etc. If I want a treat like this, I have to make an effort to get out of my home, walk and take the bus to get it, meaning I've gotten some exercise before receiving the treat.

For the munchies I personally get, if it is a salty craving, I eat fresh vegetables with calorie-wise salad dressing as a dip or have an apple with a couple slices of marble cheese.

For the sweet munchies, I eat yogurt and fruit, typically a banana with yogurt.

My taste buds are satisfied, my tummy is healthy and I'm not putting undue fat OR salt into my body.

If you have trouble going down these aisles in stores, here is what I did:
My one big downfall about 6 years ago was Rolo Ice cream. So when I went to the grocery store, if I saw something in the way of junk food or unhealthy foods, I'd say out loud, "Yes, I'd like it, but no, I don't need it." Doing this each time I went shopping made it easier.
I can now walk into any grocery store, variety store, etc., and not even glance at the junk food aisles. I walk past them as if they are not there. That's when I started supplementing my unhealthy cravings with the ones I mentioned above. It has helped tremendously because even when I go to a friend or family's place, I can say to the junk food offered me without hesitation, "No thank you. I'm satisfied with what I have." Even if they pressure me 2 or 3 times, saying the typical, "Oh come on, one won't hurt you," I can still simply say, thanks, but I really don't want any."

It is very empowering to do this and it makes me feel good to know I can pass by all the junk without even a flinch, and also to know I can have a treat once and a while, but to earn that treat first by having to purposely go out and get it. Perhaps these ideas and suggestions will help you too. :)

Healthy munching!!!

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9/29/10 8:56 A

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I tend to snack sometimes while I am making supper. I eat less once we sit down for the meal because I have been eating already. Not sure though if I end up eating more than I would have if I had just waited til it was done.

I brush my teeth shortly after we eat supper, which helps sometimes to avoid snacking at night before bed.
I also try to drink a glass of water if I feel the need to snack. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

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9/29/10 4:59 A

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A question has just popped into my head whilst reading your updates on the general forum. What can we do to stop ourselves from diving in & ignoring our goals & aims, just to satisfy the urge of that stuff our faces?

There are many times when these urges show themselves....

When at work:-
a)colleagues bring cakes & chocolates in
b)boredom/stress of job
c)vending machine in corner calling to you

When at home:-
a)stuff in fridge/freezer/cupboards
b)having guests over for a meal
c)sitting in front of the TV

In the car:-
a) need to chew something
b) stuck in traffic
c) passing all those brightly lit welcoming places like sweet/cake shops, burger bars, fish & chip shops

Ok has anyone got any ideas of other times & how we are tempted and of course, things we can do to ease these situations?


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