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thank you very much. You blessed me, because I thought it would be wonderful to discuss one of her books.

I wished I finished it. However, I have been back and forth assisting my mom and we have to move soon.

Maybe when things have a break from this and some other commitments: I'll complete it.

Are you new here ?

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1/11/17 10:40 A

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I found this very helpful, and I am glad that there are scriptures I can look up too that pertain to this topic. emoticon


Be not the slave of your own past. Plunge into the sublime seas, dive deep and swim far, so you shall come back with self-respect, with new power, with an advanced experience that shall explain and overlook the old.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Thank you so much for your post I love Joyce and her books really help when you need it emoticon

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looking for Balance!

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7/23/16 12:59 A

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oh thanks! I appreciate a reader and feedback.

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7/22/16 2:48 P

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This was very helpful for me today. Thanks for the hard work you put in doing this! May God bless you today.

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7/21/16 6:27 P

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The Mind Connection

Chapter 19
Thoughts and Behavior

We should desire to become more generous and loving. The Bible asks us be kind and self controlled. It further gives us many exhortations of godly conduct.

How do do we grow in these areas and more? Most Christians go to Sunday service,bible study and functions. Many have service projects and do various practices such as prayer , baptism, communion and the like. Are these things an end all in themselves.?

It is striking how often Jesus Himself lectured religious people. Some leaders, he basically got in their face. The things he scrutinized them for were considered shockingly insulting. Who did He think he was to question their authority.

Indeed he stroke a nerve; they were able to control others by interrupting the original commandments. No one was able to accomplish these 24/7, in every way. Then they added volumes of additional rules.

Christ was able to get away with saying such such powerful things, because He has inside information . Christ pointed out their behavior and attitude concisely. We know He was an expert on the law and it's meaning. He had to be familiar with all the additional writings that had been added on. Of course He knows the entire Jewish history. Most importantly, He has not only observed their actions, but knows and understands their heart and mind. If you go back and read these dialogues for yourself, you may conclude He thought their attitude and conduct was sickening.

It wouldn't become apparent until after the birth of the early church and the Apostle Paul, the true intent for the law.

The New Testament outlines what Jesus asked of us, and how He wants us to live as Christians. Love like Him,think like He does, act like He does, feel like He does... Rather lofty and impossible, doesn't it seem? So, the answer is yes, and no. Yes, it is impossible ( in ourselves/ in the flesh ). That's why He gave the Holy Spirit. This is Christ in us ,working His ways and life in us( walking in the Spirit).

We still aren't going to get it all right. We have our human bodies, the world, the enemy. However, we have a companion, helper, coach, that empowers us. God already sees us in Christ ( justified), and the rest of our lives we can work it out ( sanctification ).

There are two main ways God accomplishes this, in the chapter we are discussing.

1. Renewing the Mind
2. “ the renewal doesn't happen automatically, but it is something we need to choose to do. It is a process and requires a commitment of time and effort.
Many believers have a lack of knowledge or an unwillingness to apply the principles they have learned”.

3.There are several ways to achieve this. One method that can benefit, is to speak God's word out loud. I don't think it is magic, but it strengthens our belief, the Spirit works behind the scenes, and perhaps God releases ministering angels when we pray and speak His word.

4. Understanding our true identity in Christ , is a great starting place ( of paramount importance). Godly behavior was planted in us when we became born again. Now we can release it practically.

Think About it

We do we believe about ourselves? Are such impressions measured by God's words?

God will help you. Ask Him to show answers to your everyday life.
When we do the right things more regularly , we will be more aware of destructive behavior.

Meditating on God's words, assists us in being more effective.
It alters our thinking to be continually changing and producing
Christ's character.

Supporting scriptures :
Col. 1:11, 11Tim 1:7, Phil 3:12-14, 11Cor. 13:14 ,Col.2:10 ,Eph.2:5.
Rom. 8:2 ,Is. 54:14, 1Jn. 5:18, Eph. 1:4, 1Pe.1:16, I Cor. 2:16, Phil 4:7, 11Pe. 1:3-4 ,11Cor 5:20, 1Pe. 2:9, 11 Cor. 5:21, 1Cor 6:19 ,
Duet. 28:13, 111Jn. 1:2 , Ps. 1:2-3, Heb 4:15-16, Mt 11:28, Is. 53”5, I Pe. 2:24,Joshua 1:8, Ja. 1:21, 11 Cor. 3:16

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