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This was a wonderful review as well. Thanks again. Stree is something we can learn to control with God's help. I stilll turn things over and want to take them back. How sad is that? emoticon

Elayne from the west coast of Fl.

"Music is the original mood-altering, non-fattening wonder drug. Ask your doctor if Music is right for you."

Playing my sax is how I connect with God. That gift is from God and I use it to Glorify His name. It's not bout's all about HIM.

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;The Mind Connection

Where did all my Energy Go ?

Chapter 17

Joyce believes that God promises to give us whatever we need to fulfill His plans for our lives. This includes both abilities and energy. Most of us do indeed think through Christ, we can accomplish His purposes. We might have a spiritual or natural gifting in an area. Our author( repeats in her writings) that that God is wanting to give us the energy to do what he asks us to do.

Perhaps the key word is" called." Some projects and activities are His idea. Others are self promoted strategies, or agendas created perhaps demanded from others. All you have to do is read any magazine, or media source, and notice people are exhausted. It is smart to consider the reasons. It might be working long hours. It could have to do with food choices, and lack of exercise. How about lack of sleep ?

The premise she brought up is, " when your get up has got up and gone, you need to get up, and get it back." In other words, we are to do what is right, even if we don't feel like it.

Often we get off-track as a result of our moody emotions and twirling, confusing, ;thoughts . This not only is apparent in our attitudes and behavior, but in our energy level. Timothy Paul's assistant was once worn down from the persecution he experienced. He had a candid reason to be weary and disturbed. Paul asked him to stir himself up in the faith. How easy it is to be either upset or apathetic.

Another area that has a potential to suck energy right out of us, is strife. Being misunderstood is tough. Resisting willingness to work through forgiveness, can impact ones' health, and mental well being. I have recognized this dilemma throughout my lifetime several occasions. I constantly, have observed this predicament in the work environment and in families. Watch, a plot to steal or dim ones' joy, syphons ones 'energy dry.

Lastly, guiltis like water, extinguishing the embers of joy+ peace. You may as well see" energy" as a component of strength.

Again, Mrs. Meyer actually has to audacity to inform us, that we can actually do something about all this. She urges us to practice releasing both the trash and nourishing parts of our days. She makes a decision to decide, to find ways to do for others, intentionally. She tells herself, I have the mind of Christ. Lord, what would you like me to do? She earnestly enjoys blessing others.

This is different from another person I know. She does everything for a neighbor( even things they are able to accomplish themselves )It takes herfive hours a day, and she was even doing this with a broken foot and injured shoulder. This is obligation and guilt.They have a family and income.

Now I'm finally getting her little phrase, " when the mind goes, the man follows. " The longer we are rerunning lousy, negative, draining, things like bitterness, in our heads... the deeper it becomes. It gets harder to connect to our Lord, when we only focus on what is wrong. Faith revives, crummy thoughts and emotions rob. Lord, help us train ourselves to see beyond circumstances and plug into your adequacy .

There have been some times I did a good job with these things, and other times, I fell right out of the wagon, into a ditch . Lord Jesus, help us please you and honor you.
Supporting Scriptures:
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Pro. 14:30
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