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6/20/13 9:54 A

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My goal during this 8 week challenge is to establish the habit of regular exercise, watch portion sizes, and lose 10 pounds.
I am prediabetic and have been in denial until the last few weeks when I have noticed swings in my blood sugars which leaves me feeling terrible. I do not like the way I feel. Here is my wake up call. I tend to be an all or nothing person. I have got to approach this as just do the next right thing. Whether that is a walk, doing yoga, eating breakfast, or not going back for seconds. I am an introvert but I have to have some support and motivation, so here I am.

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6/20/13 9:46 A

I could have written this myself! I lost 30 lbs quickly when first diagnosed, then was told not to be so strict and not only didn't lose any more, but gained many lbs back. So I want to lose at least 10 lbs during this challenge, and get back to a realistic exercise program.

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6/20/13 9:44 A

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Alas, I have fallen off this wagon so many times, i am covered in road rash!

My goals for this challenge are super basic. Unfortunately, I seem to keep dropping even the basics. So master the basics and then ramp it up. It has to be for good this time.

Weigh myself once a week. (Just zen the number- note it and move on)
Take my thyroid meds every day. Stop sabotaging my metabloism.
Move once a week. I tend to go crazy all or nothing. This time it's a minimum of once per week.
Check in here once a week. I do better with support.

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6/20/13 9:37 A

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My goal is to eat healthier and maintain an exercise program that will help me drop lbs and improve my numbers.

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6/20/13 9:02 A

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My goal is to focus on 5 lbs at a time. I will walk at least 30 minutes most days of the week, which will be at least 5 days -Monday thru Friday. I have heard the same from my doctors about having to take insulin if I don't get my A1C lower. I have lost approximately 10 lbs since Easter, which is when I started making lifestyle changes in my food and exercise. I did lose a lot of weight (30+ lbs) in the past when I was first diagnosed in 2007 with pre-diabetes; however, the initial diet was not realistic. I lost 30 lbs in about 3-4 months and that was too fast. When my numbers returned to normal and I was told not to be so strict, that is when I began to gain weight and stop exercising so much. THIS TIME IT'S DIFFERENT!! I am making "lifestyle" changes, which means I will be doing this forever to maintain my health. I only pray and hope that my doctor sees it that way too when I go on Monday to get my new A1C. I'm actually excited to be healthier!


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6/20/13 9:00 A

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My name is Dee and I've been with SP for about 7 years now and still have not learned how to apply this valuable information. Recently, I had a doctor tell me that if I did not get my diabetes under control, I would not be her in 10 years. That effectively scared me. I'm not afraid to die and I'm really ready to go, but since we've adopted our granddaughter who just turned 5 yesterday, I feel I need to hang out for here for a while longer the 10 years.

My Short-terms goals are: to loose 20 lbs,
to get into the habit of exercising,
to continue to learn how to eat right.

My Long-term goals are: to lose 60 lbs,
to enjoy exercising,
to be off most of my meds, especially the insulin.

I'm hoping and praying that this challenge will help me get there.

With Christ's love to all,


Goals for 2018:
Had the gastric in 2015, lost 50 lbs, now need to lose the rest.

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6/20/13 8:56 A

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I have been working out with a trainer 3 days a week for a half hour each time. I am going to start working out 5 days a week but my hardest challenge is eating. My goal is to make better food choices and watching my portion control. I do well during the day while I am at work but as soon as I get home, it seems that I can't get enough to eat! If I can get my food intake under control, I know that I can get off of at least 1 of my diabetes medications within a few months!! Good luck everyone!!

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6/20/13 8:39 A

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My doctor said the same thing as many of the other challengers doctors. "If you don't get this diabetes under control you are going to have to start insulin". I don't want this! I also have another problem at this time. For the past 2 weeks I've been having a lot of trouble with my legs. I have pain that starts in my buttocks and goes all the way down through my calves. I can hardly walk. I'm not use to this. I'm a very active person, Homebound teacher, Zumba, treadmill, yard work, etc. Somehow I feel my weight and the diabetes is all connected. Anyway, it's time for a CHANGE! I'm hoping that this challenge motivates me to get going. Today I'm feeling pretty low.

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6/20/13 8:37 A

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My goals for the challenge:
* Lose 15-20 pounds
* Learn how to substitute healthy options
* No soda

My long term goals:
* Lose 75 pounds to get in a healthy BMI
* No longer considered prediabetic at my annual exam next year


"Let me hear of Your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting You. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to You." Psalms 143:8

Learning to love myself again!

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6/20/13 8:20 A

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My doctor keeps changing my med's - he says if I don't get this under control in the next 8 weeks that I'll have to start doing shots because I'm destroying my body - I am 47 years old and it's my goal to be healthy at age 50 and off all meds. I need to lose about 100 pounds now (I've already lost 60) - - my short term goal is that next summer I have a 30 year highschool reunion and I want to at least have lost and kept off 50 pounds. For the next 8 weeks, I just want to re-learn how to eat, (portion control, I hear is a beautiful thing!) I want to lose at least 20 pounds and stay away from the fast food for the entire time. I also want to give up sodas during the 8 weeks.

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6/20/13 8:06 A

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I am pre-diabetic and have been for a few years now. However, I have gain weight and my doctor is very concerned. So my over all goal is to lose 75-80 Lbs. I want lose 16-20 lbs in the 8 week change and lower my risk of having to take medicine for diabetes.

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6/20/13 7:44 A

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My biggest goal is to bring my AC1 down to 6 and my daily blood sugar to 60-100. Loosing weight and making better food choices are a big part of the plain. Ultimately I would like to loose 100-150 lbs., but for this challenge I would be happy with a 20 + lbs. lost.

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6/20/13 7:18 A

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My name is Madelyn. I was diagnosed with diabetes 2 in November, 2012. I have tried to cut out sugar and carbs but have only lost 7 pounds and I am struggling to know what to do next.
I am on oral medication. My downfall may be exercise so I need to be motivated to include this in my daily routine. My goal is to improve my diet and exercise more.

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6/20/13 5:59 A

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My name is Valorie and I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic in 2010. I lost almost 20 lbs in 90 days but put back on half the weight lost. I am struggling to get the weight down to my correct BMI. My BMI is 28, I am 5 ft 3 in which put me in the middle of being over weight. I exercise 5 days per week 7 times per day. I work out on the machines at the gym and take aqua aerobics classes. I have a goal of losing 13 lbs.

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6/20/13 5:07 A

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Hi, my name is Angela and I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes in 2011. I was shocked that I somehow missed a physical last year since I really need to be there yearly to keep tabs on it. I have a new primary doctor and found out from someone who has diabetes that the blood work she ran was best for getting an accurate picture of what is going on with me. I kind of thought I was in prediabetes before I got diagnosed because after I had my daughter I wasn't having too much trouble losing weight, but then one day it started becoming hard and I was gaining again, but the tests my doctor at the time was running was like all good, but it was a blood fasting test and my sugar has always been good at fasting. It's after I eat that things spiral out of control. This doctor does the 1AC which averages my blood sugar over 90 days which paints a more accurate picture. This is the test my endocrinologist used to do when I had gestational diabetes so this is why I decided to make my new doctor I tried my primary and told the receptionist I want my blood work done before my appointment so I can have a real dialogue with her, but since that is over a month away, was excited when Sparkpeople told me about this challenge!

My goals are to learn everything I need to about controlling my blood sugar. I want to eat healthier, exercise more, and becoming more aware of what is going on with my body. Of course, I want to lose weight. I understand the less I weigh, the easier it will be to control my blood sugar. That's very important to me. In the process I'm hoping that I can get my daughter set up right since my paternal grandma died from complications of diabetes, my dad has it and almost died of complications, and now I'm on the brink of having it. I don't want her to get it so I will do everything in my power to reduce those chances. This is a disease no one wants and there is no good kind of diabetes to have, but those who have it deal with it as best as they can and I will be no different.


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6/19/13 7:50 P

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My goal for the next 8 weeks is to lose another 30 lbs. I want to continue my 70 minute aquafit workouts on Tues, Thurs, Sat, and Sun. mornings at the YMCA and my gardening for exercises, On days I don't garden or do Aquafit, my goal is to do at least 15 minutes of exercise. My goal for my glucose readings (in Canadian terms) is between 4-7 before meals and between 7-10 after meals. My goal is to also continue lowering my insulin units. At the beginning of my diet I was injecting 100 units every night at bedtime, Now 21 lbs. lighter, I'm injecting only 60 units. I have been on an intensive 6 week diet of 500-600 cals a day as previous tries at 1500, 1200, and 1000 showed absolutely no success,. Now that the 6 weeks is complete, for the next 3 weeks I will be increasing my portion sizes and adding more foods to the diet but not starches or root vegetables. Those can be added at the end of the 3 weeks. My goal is that in doing this, I do not go above 1000 cals per day and not above 1200 gr of sodium a day.and that I continue to lose weight.

Lin from Peterborough, ON., Canada

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Lost 48 lbs. in 2012 & 13 but gained 30 back!

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6/19/13 2:06 P

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My goals include the following:
1. losing a total of 75 pounds
2. incorporating exercise into my daily routine
3. making healthy food choices a way of life
4. Maintaining blood glucose readings between 70 and 100.

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6/18/13 7:28 P

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I've recently been diagnosed, but am not yet on medication. I've been tracking and walking, and it's paying off--I've lost weight and will continue. For this challenge, I will continue sticking to my plan, exercising moderately (mostly walks), and plan to lose at least 10 lbs in 8 weeks, faithfully taking my glucose levels

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6/18/13 4:07 P

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I am also pre-diabetic. I am just now trying to understand what to do about it. 70lbs overweight . Sit at a desk job and about the only excercise I get is vacuming and scrubbing floors etc. What have you learned about proper pre-diabetic nutrition? Help!

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6/18/13 1:20 P

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My goals for this challenge are to get my blood sugars under control, by eating right and exercising. I would like to see my BS down to 100-150 by the end of 2 months. My biggest problem is food and not exercising so by fixing these two things I know I can meet my BS goal.

Never give up!!!!

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6/18/13 12:53 P

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My goal this week is to lose 1-2 pounds.

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6/18/13 10:05 A

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I am pre-diabetic. My goal is to learn proper nutrition to continue to lose weight and work toward a healthy life.

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6/18/13 12:59 A

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Hi.... my name is Senita and I joined this challenge because I don't like needles. I know I need to lose weight if I don't want to progress any further down the DM path. I need to go back to see my Endocrinologist and I've been putting it off because I don't want to here any bad news. One way or another - at the end of this challenge I will be ready to meet her. I need to get my eating under control and I need to start exercising. But I'm ready. This time for sure. I'll post my results here!

-/I'm on my way to a better me

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6/17/13 12:06 P

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My goal is to better manage my diabetes by sticking to my medicine schedule, eating healthier and taking better care of myself!

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6/16/13 11:03 P

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My Goal is to get on the plan, work the plan, track my menu, shopping list and nutrition totals, do it for 4 days, then do it for 4 more days, etc.

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6/15/13 7:29 P

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My goals for this challenge

Take vitamins and medications -- CONSISTENTLY!
Replace diet soda with water
Exercise daily, for at least 30 minutes
Find something to be grateful for/happy about EVERY DAY and write it down (in order to get in a more positive frame of mind)

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6/14/13 7:37 P

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My goals for this challenge:
Incorporate exercise into my daily life
Eat cleaner, healthier food
Get my life under control

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6/14/13 7:14 A

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I am prediabetic and taking metformin. I have been horribly inconsistent with exercise for the past 2 years. I went for my annual exam at the doctors office (which was overdue by a year) and was mortified that in 2 years time I only lost one pound yet I felt like I had been trying really hard. Guess I was trying to fool myself. So with this challenge my goals are:
1) to stick with the 15 minute video 3 times a week for the 8 weeks
2) to stick with the 10 minutes of cardio 3 times a week for the 8 weeks
3) to stick to tracking my food 3 times a week for the 8 weeks

I hope that after 8 weeks these goals will have transformed into habits!

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6/12/13 8:09 P

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I've been successful on the Carb Addict's Diet in the past and thought it was the easiest "diet" I'd ever tried. I had a setback and want to get back on track. Here are my goals:

1) Feel good about the food I'm putting in my body. I am tired of feeling guilty when I fail.
2) Take my medication like I am supposed to. My mother was terrible at that. She died when she was 59. I don't want that for my kids or husband.
3) Walk at least 5 times a week. Even if it's just 1 mile. My entire body hurts so badly and I know it won't hurt as much if I just start moving. I want to work up to walking a 5K. That sounds like a marathon to me now. I know I can do it though.

CD13994183 Posts: 1
6/12/13 7:42 P

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My goals for this challenge:
1. Learn all I can about diabetes and how to get healthy again.
2. Get my weight under 200 pounds.
3. Embrace and not deny!!

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6/11/13 3:44 P

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Hi all, emoticon
My goal for this 8 weeks is to learn more about my food choices, get back to being pro-active with my diabetes and weight loss instead of just maintaining. In the long run get my A1C back under 7, loose a few pounds and just feel better overall.
Good luck and God Bless you all in your goals! emoticon

6/11/13 8:48 A

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My Goals are to become better informed about what my body is going through and how I can make positive changes to control my disease!
1. EXERCISE 3-4 times a week
2. Check my sugars more!!!
3. Track my intake and make wise choices!

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6/10/13 7:02 P

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Hi everyone!
1. A1c =below 6%
2. Lose 36 pounds by oct 14
3. Be active daily!
4. Begin to seriously strength train
5. ADD in the good stuff=fruits,Vegas,and protein daily

"Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim."
~Nora Ephron

Goals Met:
1. finished 28 day Spark Program.

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6/10/13 2:21 P

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I am not a goal setter what so ever. Not sure how to start. I am a type 2 diabetic and have been for few years.
1. I want to loose 100 lbs all together
2. Control my sugars
3. Keep my A1C low
4. Start back walking in the park and start exercising with videos
5. Get off ALL my meds and not have to use my C-PAP machine ever again

Deborah Wilson

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6/10/13 9:13 A

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I've never been good at goal setting. This alone will be a challenge.

1. To continue to walk outside daily. An average of at least 2.5 miles per day.
2. To find ways to eat MORE veggies - fruits, i eat enough of, i need more veggies.
3. To lower my A1C numbers even more (preferably into the 6's)
4. To lose 5-10 pounds.
5. To become more flexible, and stronger. I have issues with tight back.
6. Tracking everything, even if it's not "good".
7. To go back to the gym. 2-3 times a week.
8. To be as good a cheerleader to myself as i can be to others.
10. To follow this challenge to completion.

in October 2012, my A1C jumped from 7.0 to 8.1 I WAS SHOCKED AND SCARED again. why such a big jump? i had been exercising, and eating better (freggie wise) than i used to (but, had also eaten things that i should limit more...)

The doc wanted to put me on more meds.... i had been exercising to try to lower my amount of meds.... well, that obviously didnt work...

anyway, after a month of being overwhelmed and depressed, i was able to work out harder, eat (way) better and bring my A1C down to 7.3 on my last visit. i am glad for that.

but, i am still struggling with eating too many carbs, even though they are "better" carbs than they used to be. i am having a difficult time being within all the ranges. if i eat enough fruits and vegetables, then, surprisingly i am often still not getting enough fiber... oh it's all so frustrating.

anyway, i am due to go for a FASTING BLOOD TEST in 3 weeks. i really hope my A1C numbers go down again from 7.3 I have been ill and havent been able to work out as much.
if they go up i am going to be depressed again. =(

Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.

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6/9/13 7:02 P

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I signed up last week. Im prediabetic with a history of diabetes in the family.

Since my last nurse visit I've put on 4 kgs/about 8+lbs. I dont want to go back to the doc until I've at least lost that!
Walk/ exercise 30 min a day rain , hail or shine.
Track my food 3-5 times a week.
Eat 1 large salad each day as part of vege quota.
Cotribute to the message boards at least once a day.
Plus follow this challenge.

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6/9/13 2:08 P

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I just signed up for the 8 week Diabetes Weight Loss Challenge yesterday. I have been working at losing weight since June 2010 but I didn't discover that I was pre-diabetic until the following January and it was my eye doctor who noticed the changes in my eyesight. The changes that I made then was to more closely monitor my blood glucose, make some further changes in my food plan including restricting the amount of sugar that I eat and eat a more balanced food plan. I have managed to lose 70.8 lbs since June 2010 (half of which I have lost since this past January) BUT my blood glucose levels did not fall below the pre-diabetic levels. This was a real eye opener for me! I too have a strong family history of diabetes in both sides of my family including my deceased mother (2008).

However, what I have noticed is that activity and age are also now important factors in my blood glucose levels. I also have RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and OA (osteo arthritis) which really limits my ability to be active and exercise. I also will be 60 in a month. Both of these factors have kept my blood glucose levels in the pre-diabetic range in spite of eating a much healthier food plan; much to my surprise. What I have discovered for me is that I have to address this from all angles and not just my food plan by itself.

Recently, I have been able to find some seated workouts that I have been able to do. I used to be quite active when I was younger so I just wish I had the confidence that I am really getting a good workout doing these but this is all that I can do for now so I have to do my best at them.

My personal goals during this challenge:
1) restrict my carbs intake (and I am returning to the Phase II South Beach diet that I was following for 7 months back in 2008) but also keep an eye on leaner protein.
2) continue with my workouts and also try the ones they have listed here. I try to work out 3-4x a week and do strength training the alternate days (I have lost 30 inches since January of this year and 2 whole dress sizes)
3) follow any other suggestions that this challenge asks of us.

Good luck everyone emoticon Pam

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6/6/13 8:25 P

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I think I may be pre diabetic. I see my nieces and my sister having to take meds for it now.

1. I will find an eating plan that will work for this
2. I will try to get 10,000 steps in 3x a week, and strength 3x
3. I will try and track all my food every day
4. I hope to lose at least a pound a week. More would be a blessing

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6/4/13 2:05 P

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I have been struggling with my weight for as long as I can remember in all honesty. I have tried SparkPeople before and somehow always end up quitting, or forgetting, or just getting frustrated.

My goals for the challenge are this:
1. To learn what I'm eating, and how to make better choices. I'm tired of being over my calorie count, but under on the other things I'm following on my Nutrition Tracker
2. To lose weight. 5 to 10 lbs. It's a start on my goal to lose 200 pounds in 3 years.
3. To start tracking my sugar. I'm not diabetic yet, but adult onset diabetes runs in my family, and I'm at risk thanks to my weight.
4. To start working out more! In a few weeks I'll be at my summer job, where I'll be walking everywhere... I want to start moving more NOW!
5. A healthier, happier me!


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6/4/13 11:22 A

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My goal is to get my weight down and my diabetes under control.I have several health issues that I'm hoping this program will help me get under control besides the diabetes. I am on heavy doses of prednisone that really make it a challange to lose the weight and the diabetes may be caused by the prednisone which I am going to be on at least two years. I also have major breathing problems that are going to make it a real challenge to exercise but I am determined to give it my all to get my overall health under control!

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6/4/13 6:58 A

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My goal for this challenge is to stay with in calorie ranges for food track and increase exercise according to the plan and hopefully this will result in a weekly weight loss.

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6/2/13 4:03 P

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My husband has type 2 diabetes. It is controlled by medication but he doesn't watch his diet. I don't want to end up on medication too, so I'm determined to lose weight and take control of my diet. I weigh more than I ever thought I could. The only good thing is that I've just returned from 10 day's holiday - and I've only put on 3/4 of a lb. That's still too much and has taken me to my heaviest ever. How depressing.

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6/2/13 4:06 A

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So, I've been trying to control my weight gain since 2010. In December 2010, I weighed 123 pounds. I've been going to the gym 3-5 times per week doing a combination of cardio and strength training since before that. However, I kept gaining weight. So I've been to the doctors for blood work a couple of times. I'm slightly anemic, my "bad" cholesterol is good and my "good" cholesterol is slightly low. My TSH(?) came back normal so apparently I don't have thyroid issues? That was in October and February, I weighed around 165 pounds. Friday I had my annual "girly" appointment and I am now 181 pounds. ?!! I'm not the best eater, but I don't think I've changed a whole lot of my eating habits. I weigh far more than I did when I delivered either of my children in 2003 and 2006. I am on the birth control shot depo-provera, which I have been told can be causing the weight gain, but I have been on it since 2008. The NP at my appointment Friday told me that working the overnight shift can be having a big effect which I started in January 2012. She also told me that I could be pre-diabetic, and something about my insulin resistance and cells becoming rigid. Diabetes does not run in my family, but I did some research on the South Beach diet which is low-glycemic aka good for diabetics so I figured this would be the most appropriate challenge to join. She also told me to take an omega-3 with around 2000mg of EPA and DHA in it which I guess I'll be starting. I do not have health insurance at this time so I opted to wait until my student insurance kicks in August 15th to do more blood testing to investigate further. I'm age 25. My goals at this point are to get back to 165 and take it from there, try out the South Beach or a similar diet, track my progress on here, keep a daily food journal which is currently in a private note on Facebook, and keep exercising. I'm hoping by getting the e-mail reminders and such I will stay motivated. Any tips or suggestions about the South Beach diet, weight loss, or anything I can look into medical from people who have had similar experiences are very welcome. Thanks everyone!

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6/1/13 11:44 P

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I just had a baby two months ago and today is my first day back to work. The reason I signed up for this challenge is because I have been gestational diabetic with both my pregnancies. I ended up 50lbs heavier with my first child and never lost it. I maintained my 9 month pregnancy weight for the next 5 years and then i gained 30lbs the year before my new baby. I knew I didn't need to gain a single pound with this pregnancy and I was able to stay exactly the same weight through my entire pregnancy and that put me at a weight loss after she was born. I was hoping to be under 200lbs after she was born, but i only lost 15lbs, not the 25 i had hoped would come off with her birth. I only have 10lbs to get back down below 200, but my ultimate goal is to get back down to where i was before my first child. This challenge is going to help me to establish healthy eating patterns that will stay with me for life and not just a fad diet. I want to make sure I am top health before I have another baby and I want to avoid diabetes completely. Gestational diabetes is a pre-cursor to diabetes and I already have difficulty with sudden blood sugar dropping and crashing after too many carbs. I have brought it to my doctors attention many times but they have never been able to catch my issue. All I know is I'm overweight and have issues with my blood sugar. My goal is to do this challenge as a start to my weight loss journey.

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6/1/13 11:23 P

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My goal is NOT to be a "victim" of my so-called genetics and to NOT develop full-blown diabetes! My ultimate goal is to kick the sugar addiction once and for all, get back in shape and lose weight.

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5/31/13 4:53 P

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I am new to Spark People and happy to be here. Week 1 I have used the tracker to plan my meals for the week (June 1st to June 7th) and printed out my shopping list. I plan to eat what is in my plan and drink 8 glasses of water each day. I would like to lose a minimum of 10 lbs over the 8 weeks.

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5/30/13 8:37 A

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I was just told I am prediabetic. My goal is to learn how to eat properly so that I can delay or avoid the onset of diabetes.
Over the next 8 weeks I want to lose 10 pounds, exercise at least 40 minutes for 5 days a week

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5/30/13 7:05 A

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New to Sparkpeople and just recently put on insulin due to type II diabetes. I didn't take it seriously before the insulin. I let depression set my standards and found myself over 250 lbs. When the doctor put me on insulin, it was a wake up call, and this challenge is the perfect thing for me. My goals for this first week are to eat better, exercise at least 20 minutes a day, and to curb my "binging". I am currently at 248, having lost 4 lbs in the last few weeks on my own and can't wait to see what happens now!

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5/28/13 9:23 P

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I am new to this being on the net. I have so many interests it seems overwhelming most of the time I get on. My goals are to lose 8-16 pounds during this challenge. At one time I lost 50 pounds using Sparkpeople and a local support group. I am playing with about 10 pounds since Jan. I lose and then gain the same weight. My DR. warned me that with the history of diebetes in my family, and my "dieting yo-yo cycles", high blood pressure, and many health issues, I would be a diebetic soon. While I lost a lot of weight, I am scared that I am doomed to gain it all back soon. I need the hope and support I have seen on occation here. I want a "thumbs up" from my DR. on my birthday(08/09). Thanks for all the help.

5/28/13 4:51 P

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Hi. I'm Evelyn. I am not diabetic yet but I come from a long line; trying to bypass this particular inheritance...

My goals are as follows:
1. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily
2. Measure portions of EVERYTHING I eat (a problem area)
3. Eat within my calorie range
4. Follow the workout plan as it is written

I hope that by the end of 8 weeks I can feel the difference.

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