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10. Columbia Harbour House
9. Sanaa/Boma
8. Chef Mickey's
7. Ohana
6. Hoop De Doo Review (love those ribs, and the sangria)
5. Hacienda de San Angelo (the one on the lagoon, not the one in the pyramid)
4. Be Or Guest
3. Cinderella's Royal Table (Breakfast)
2. Yachtsman
1. Monsieur Paul

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This is really difficult as there are so many great food choice on property.

Table Service:

10. Olivia's Cafe
9. Yachtsman Steakhouse
8. Sanaa
7. Spice Road Table
6. Be Our Guest
5. Artist Point
4. Le Cellier
3.Raglan Road
2. Teppan Edo
1. Kona Care

Quick Service:

10. Casey's Corner
9. Flame Tree Barbecue
8. Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory
7. Tangierine Cafe
6. Cookes of Dublin
5. La Catina de San Angel
4. Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie
3. The Mara
2. Katsura Grill
1. Columbia Harbour House

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We mostly bring our own food because we can't eat most of the food in the parks, so I don't really have a top 10 list, but I will say that we LOVED Be Our Guest. We didn't order off the menu, so I don't know about the food, but the atmosphere and service were amazing! We're trying to get reservations for our next trip, but so far no luck.

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1/10/15 4:50 P

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I love the atmosphere at Rainforest Cafe. My college age son snd I go to downtown Disney after going to Ice (not part of Disney- is a yearly attraction at Gaylord Palms) every year at the holidays

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I knew I would leave something off! Yes, Earl of Sandwich is great! My family loves it! We also love the Wolfgang Puck counter service. And we ate at Bongos for the first time in Dec 2012 and really liked it. Never tried Raglan Road. Will have to.

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Top TS in each park:
1. MK - Crystal Palace (Breakfast) - My kids are older and still love Pooh! Plus I just like the atmosphere, the food is great, and the bonus of getting the park just before it opens is priceless!!
2. AK - Rainforest Cafe - It is not in the park and there is one at Downtown Disney but I just love the food here!
3. EP - Princess Breakfast to Norway - Wow the food is better than I would have thought, but with all of the awesome TS in Epcot you really can't go wrong!
4. HS - 50's Cafe or Sci Fi - it's a tie, we love them both and try to alternate between them when we go.

Top CS at the parks:
5. MK - Cosmic Ray's - Great selection and toppings bar is a plus!
6. AK - Flame Tree - Wow!! I have had most things on this menu and I love them all!
7. EP - Sunshine Season - Again amazing selection!
8. HS - Starring Rolls - We love stopping here for breakfast!

Top 2 at Downtown Disney:
9. Raglan Road - This is a staple of any trip!
10. Earl of Sandwich - My kids love this place more than me, but it wouldn't turn it down.

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We just got in line at Be our guest and they had an open table half hour was wonderful....if you cant get a res just go to the checkin and put your name was crazy busy at the parkslast week but we got in.

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I got lucky. I was on the phone for HOURS trying to even get thru when they opened up the ressies for there. By the time I got through, literally about 5 hours later, everything was booked up. Then a TA friend, who happens to be a member of this team, was able to score a 4:05 ressie for my arrival day. I promptly then transferred my vacation over to her as a token of my appreciation. emoticon

1/14/13 12:27 P

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Sounds like an awesome honeymoon!!! We haven't been able to get reservations for the table service at Be our Guest but I am going to keep trying!

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1/13/13 8:52 P

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Hubby and I got married at sunrise in Daytona Beach back in '05 and then drove to WDW for dinner at V&A's that night. Then we went to WDW with our (my) kids, 9 and 11 at the time, in August 2007. We were taking a big 2.5-week FL vacation, to do things we knew we wouldn't be able to for a while, as we were planning on having a couple more kids (see profile pic for said planned kids, LOL.) My parents and sister came out to WDW for a week during the middle of our trip, so we had arranged for the kids to stay at Wilderness Lodge with them for a night while we did the V&A's chef's table for our anniversary. It was FABULOUS! Of course, it's a 10-course meal and I was virtually in tears by course 7 (the meat course) because I was so full. Lesson learned: do NOT do wine pairings next time. Fills you up too much! (Oh, and don't eat the bread either. It's good but it will fill you up too fast)

I've done CRT now four times. First time was in 2004, with my kiddos. Second time, May 2007, when I went on a mom-and-me trip with my mother. Third time, that August 2007 trip. Fourth time, our December 2012 trip, which we took just with the little guys. My 14-year-old daughter (2nd oldest) was NOT happy that we went during school and didn't take the big kids, but she can deal. This trip was focused on Christmas stuff and things the little guys would like, so she would have been complaining the whole time anyway.

We did Be Our Guest both for counter service and table service during this past trip. I ordered salmon; I can't recall what hubby ordered. I think the kids split a chicken dish. But it was all great. And since we were celebrating our youngest's birthday (she turned 2 the day before we went), they brought her out a special treat of "the grey stuff" - and yes, it really was delicious! emoticon Counter service was great too, though we did think the steak sandwiches were a mite dry, but they had great flavor. And we got to sit in the rose garden room, which wasn't open during dinner a couple days before. That's a beautiful room.

I must say it was really cool how they were able to convert the restaurant from counter service in the day to table service at night. It really doesn't even remotely look at dinner like it was counter service earlier in the day. They did a great job!

1/13/13 1:06 P

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We have never been to Victoria and Albert's! I keep saying maybe one day if we ever go without the kids! LOL Never been to Cindy's Royal table either. ( we have three boys). We haven't been since Be Our Guest opened. We think it looks beautiful but not to sure about the menu. We are going to try it though. I love love love Pinocchio Viallage Haus!

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I'm not sure these are in perfect order, and I'm probably forgetting something, but here goes:

Counter Service:
10. Backlot Express
9. Columbia Harbor House
8. Flame Tree BBQ
7. Cosmic Ray's
6. Yak and Yeti
5. Tangierine Cafe
4. Sunshine Seasons
3. Pinocchio Village Haus (now that they have "real" pizza!)
2. Pecos Bill's
1. Be Our Guest

Table Service:
10. Les Chefs de France
9. Garden Grill
8. T-Rex
7. Cinderella's Royal Table
6. Tutto Italia
5. Boma
4. Be Our Guest
3. Le Cellier
2. 'Ohana
1. Victoria & Albert's (esp. the Chef's Table)

1/13/13 10:48 A

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We always get the Disney dining plan when we visit each year. I know this is supposed to be about healthy restaurants but I thought we could have some fun and name our top ten favorite places to eat. (least fav to most fav) The first list is counter service and the second list is table service meals.

Top Ten Counter Service

10. Columbia Harbor House
9. Liberty Inn
8. Caseys Corner
7. Yak and Yeti
6. food court at Port Orleans
5. flame tree bbq
4.Cosmic Rays
3.Pinocchio Village Haus
2. Pizza Planet
1. Pecos Bill

Top Ten Table Service
10. Via Napoli
9. Le Cellier
8. Crystal Palace (Pooh and friends breakfast)
7. Garden Grill
6. T- Rex
5. Tusker House ( Donald's breakfast)
4. Mama Melrose
3.Whispering Canyon Cafe
2. Coral Reef
1. Ohanas

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