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6/26/11 6:10 P

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Well, folks, perhaps I am cheating but I feel better! I have found a readytodrink citrus protein drink,barely 3 ounces with 25 grams of protein, that I mix with spring water over lots of ice and chill. I sip on that while enjoying portion controlled carb snacks, nothing over 150 calories, with 100 for the beverage, and it is a great lite meal or large snack on the run. It is a little pricey at about 3 dollars, but I dont have to cook it, mix it, or clean up after!! Definitely slows binging when I pay is not a meal, just quick and tasty protein to add to regular foods!

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6/26/11 11:55 A

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What help me was not forgetting to drink water. Soda and coffee made it worse. I mistaken hunger for thirst. I eat allot of vegetables instead of box snacks . With a little the imagination can provide endless alternatives . For me is to keep ingrain into my mind is to keep refine food s or package foods to a minimum, I love to cook and prepare food for the work week and do it ahead of time to stop me from having an excuse. I love to know how to trigger the hormone release to make me feel full longer ,when that suppose dinner bell is ringing when it is not time to eat. I do eat a bit of seeds it seems to work most of the time.
I got to remember to drink more water.

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6/26/11 3:27 A

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I agree with cassandra. If your are eating a balance at each meal you should not be hungry. Most of the time I do not want to eat lunch but I make myself. Most of the time now I do not even eat a snack. BS are really good. Make sure you have a protien, fruit vegetables and I think you will do a lot better. I see sweets now and could careless because I am to full with protein and fiber. I like hummus with celery, black bean hummus, Make a dip out of cottage put in a blender/food process with a little milk add green onions some garlic, pepper and what other spices you like eat with celery, green peppers, brocoli or what other fresh vegetables you like with a bowl of soup and you will not be hungry. these are just a few things to try. Love and Light Carol .

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6/25/11 11:46 A

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ya. why are you hungry all the time? If youre eating 5-6 times a day and eating the right things, you shouldnt be hungry. Im like, "omg, i have to eat AgaiN?" I think whats missing from your eating plan is more healthy fats. Eat more nuts, avacados and oils along with proteins like eggs, beans, tuna. This should really curb your hunger pangs. Also try more dairy, especially cottage cheese. If youre eating these things constantly and constistantly, your body will always feel full.

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4/23/11 10:38 A

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there is no need to be on a weight loss food plan and be hungry. Add more protein to your meals and you will be more satisfied.

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4/23/11 8:25 A

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That is the hard part, being hungry all the time. I remember Clark Gable divorced one of his wives because she would stare at him and watch him eat. Had that hapen to me once and very hard.

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4/23/11 7:29 A

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I don't mind being on a diet, I just can't stand to be ravenous! I've been trying to be very conscious to steer clear of trigger foods that leave me wanting more, more, more! Regular pasta, bread, sweets and sweet...those are my downfall. Using a tracker helps to identify the effects certain foods have on my body.

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