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2/2/10 9:08 A

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I started exercising in June and found myself struggling to find the time to exercise with work, family and school once the fall semester started. I had invested in a trainer and so found the time to get to the gym at least 2x a week because I didn't want to lose out on the money that I had already invested. There were several weeks where I had to cancel or reschedule because of unexpected school assignments or group meetings, but I never quit.

Spark has some great resources and 10 minute fitness videos that you can utilize that will allow you to get some quick work out time in at home. During the last few weeks of school with major papers due and exams, there was NO way I felt I could give an hour to working out. So I would take quick 5 minute breaks and do incline push ups on my basement stairs, or stair steps to help me keep moving.

What I learned was fitness didn't have to be an hour at the gym every day. It can be worked in and I found it a tremendous help in dealing with the stress of nursing school.

Whatever you decide to do, set small goals for yourself. Be flexible and kind to yourself. Nursing school is hard, it is a huge commitment, and takes a lot of time from family. But, you CAN do it!

Good luck to you!



"Imagine what you could accomplish if you knew you could not fail" (not my quote, but thank you to whoever said it!)

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2/1/10 7:26 P

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Hi, I have to admit I have the same issue. I don't work full time,but I have a 4 year old and I am in an accelerated program for Rn school. I try to at least walk every day. I can listen to lectures, read flash cards or use it as some family time with my husband and son. I can't follow the nutrition recommendations as closely when the block starts, but I don't just give up. I focus on portion and best choices available, I focus on drinking my water and I use my clinical days to really push myself physically so I can count the day as a workout. My weight loss is slow - but still happening! Good luck.


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1/28/10 10:00 A

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SDWEBER1911, the same thing happened to me last year! I was doing well, eating right and exercising but then school started and I found myself without adequate time to pack lunches and go to the gym plus work full-time and go to nursing school full-time. I ended up letting both exercising and eating right go by the way side.

This time around I have had to change my goals because what I was doing before was not realistic for me. Now I am only concentrating on my nutrition and not at all on exercising. I totally know that if I were to exercise I would lose more but I just can't balance all of that. I don't know what your exact circumstances are but this is working better for me. Changing my expectations keep me from feeling as if I am failing because I don't have time to exercise.

Hang in there! I hope things get better for you!

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1/27/10 10:15 P

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Hi all,

I know all of us are in the thick of a busy semester but I have a problem. I started this program and have been going full force until Monday...the dreaded start to the semester began. I exercised on Tuesday and now I cant seem to find the time. Between prep sheets, skills, class and lab time, I have no time to exercise...unless I dont sleep!

How do all of you fit exercise into your schedules everyday? I literally get up at 6, get ready and go to school. I leave school at 5 or 6, come home, make dinner, do more school work and go to bed. I also have to spend time with the kids in the evening b/c I haven't seen them all day. I need advice and I need it quick:) My will power is wavering:(

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