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30 Sep, Day 57: Head Hunger Instead's
If I find the need to crunch, a dood alternative would be to leave the house, and go take a walk. If the weather is wrong, I can jog around the house. Let’s do this!
29 Sep, Day 56: Head Hunger
Not body hunger is emotions based. Depending on which emotions are out of control determines which foods we over eat. My foods of choice are almost always crunchy, meaning I’mangry and want to crunch something or somebody that I cannot crunch, e.g loneliness and depression.

28 Sep, Day 55: Food is the Consolation Prize
What is it that I really wanted Tues/Wed? Someone who’d listen, and offer feedback (a friend); to not live so far from my kids/grndkds (someone who’d hold me); somethings I’ll never have.

27 Sep, Day 54: Eating to Feel Better
Gwad, how can eating make me feel better...I fell most awful! Ms Spangle posits that eating does make us happier, fills the empty voids. She’s right. It’s up to me to find other ways to cope. I wS hoping she’d have suggestions, or better yet, solutions. I am over the over-eating, and somehow gained two pounds from it, but I am back on track a lot quicker than in the past. Those two days were pretty awful.

26 Sep, Day 53: Food is My Best Friend
Repeated yesterday,s trick...not a pretty thing. No friends, not so sad. My kids called and one rxt’d, so I’m not so down. Much too hot, still. Right now, this is going away!
25 Sep, Day 52: Food is an Instant Fix
This week’s lessons are timely—wish I’d had time to read today’s this morning because I was over tired, depressed, lonely, feeling sorry for myself and ate 12 ounces of pistachio nuts, which didn’t make me feel better at all. I have the power to not do this again.

24 Sep, Day 51: What is Emotional Eating
I have been struggling with emotional eating nearly all of my over-weight years.
23 Sep, Day 50: 10-Minute Solution
Whe I don’t feel like doing it, I will give it 10 minutes of my time before not doing it at all.
22 Sep, Day 49: Just Do Something
...anything! Then do it for three days...the simple solution for getting back on track!
21 Sep, Day 48: You Gotta Want To
Of course I want to de eveything within my powe to lose the weight, eat a reasonable amount of food, and exercise on a regular basis.
20 Sep, Day 47: Kick the Can't
I was taught to never use that term.
19 Sep, Day 46: If not Food, then What?
Family. Health friends. Mind. Soul
18 Sep, Day 45: Food--Important or Not?
Of course: it's a necessity of life! Turkey at Thanksgiving is important for all the great memories it recalls. Breakfast is important because it starts the day off right. That's about all the importance I've ever put on food. Which is probably why I was so skinny...I had more things to worry about than eating. Eating "in stead" is why I became obese; I choose to no longer do that. (Gwad, I'm hungry!)

17 Sep, Day 44: It's not the Right Time
Isn’t it a bit late for that. The reason I ‘m here at this time and this place is because this is the right time (and the right place).
16 Sep, Day 43: Choose to, not HAVE to
I choose to eat less than 1200 cals every day!
15 Sep, Day 42: Make it Matter
I really do want to lose these pounds. Im a bit disheartened over have non accountable weekends - meaning no support at all. I ate 67 cals over my limit every day. I need to stop pulling the wool over my eyes!
14 Sep, Day 41: Motivation is a Choice
“To do” lists are my motivation — I love to check the boxes. My downfall is that I am very good at pulling the wool over my own eyes. !Lightbulb Moment! Put “no wool-pulling” on my to do list!
13 Sep, Day 40: Having an Eating Experience
Make the experience special, not the eating
12 Sep, Day 39: Flavor or Texture
Did this on Day 10 - Flavor and texture are substiutes for family, and my way To avoid dealing with emotions.
11 Sep, Day 38: Food as Power
crunchy/cracking; little resistance. I've made most of my decisions most of my life, as well as decisions for friends and families, to the point where, at the time I began getting fat, I was just tired of making decisions. Over-eating was my cry for help. Didn't work. Asking for help didn't work, either. Guess I gave all my power over to just plain eating to make myself feel good and crappy at the same time.
10 Sep, Day 37: I Love to Eat
Make a list of foods I love: chocolate, Cashews, Fudge with Walnuts, all Squash, Mac n Cheese, Chicken, Cheese Sandwiches, fresh bakery whole wheat bread with butter. Why do I love these? Chocolate: my Mom; WW Bread: my Gramma; Cashews, mild flavor, crunch; Fudge w/nuts: smooth, sweet, chocolate, crunchy walnuts; squash, soft, mellow; mac n cheese: soft, sharp taste, salty. I don't seem to care for foods with much resistance unless it crunches. (I'll grind your bones to make me bread?)
9 Sep, Day 36: Slow Down your Eating
Notice the 5 stages of fullnes. My tummy feels empty most of the time; however I noticed today that I was feeling comfortably full. Last night it was starving, so i ate some pistachios, then i finished off yhe cashews...i seemed to need to hyde what i was doing, and got angry when dh did catch me. Dont know what thats about. I didnt feel shame today, and didnt feel like a repeat, either.
8 Sep, Day 35: The Eating Pause
I seem to pause frequently while eating; will keep paying attention to see if any of the pauses is a signal.
7 Sep, Day 34: Listen Accurately
Still working on this: stomach grumbled all through breakfast
6 Sep, Day 33: The Fullness Scale
Still working on this:
5 Sep, Day 32: The Five Hour Rule
Nearly starved to death by the fifth hour—won’t do That again!
4 Sep, Day 31: The Hunger Scale
Haven't read it, but sounds like this one, too, is not compatible with sugar-drop issues. The lesson was good.

3 Sep, Day 30, Postpone Eating
Some of these exercises make no sense. I am diabetic and need to eat before the blood sugars drop and make me cranky. As far as forbidables go: I can eat them now and trade with an un-forbidable, but best not to postpone. NOW if we're talking about trying to ward off a binge, I will try my darndest to postpone that first bite that might lead to a zillion others. I will promise myself to postpone it now, and I promise myself I will eat it later when I am able to exert more self control than I'm feeling at the moment. Maybe that's what she's talking about?

2 Sep, Day 29: Hand-Held Foods
This lesson calls for eating chips with a fork...why! So I ate cashews & craisins mindfully.

1 Sep, Day 28: Eating Because it's There
I no longer eat just because it’s there...I eat for Fuel and/or for is too short to eat boring things.

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