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9/25/11 8:50 P

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DB, awsome, you're doing gr8! Interesting info. Thanks!

Warm, I hear you... I have periods like that too (& feel impossible to change.) Hang in, and keep practicing. You'll find your roll again :)

My plan, keep trying. I am mostly incorporating natural sweet foods now instead of processed. They don't seem to trigger me like junk food... I was surprised, because I had ignored/avoided many naturally sweet foods but it does seem to really help :)

9/25/11 3:16 P

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Haven't gotten that sweet tooth yanked yet - some really wide road days this past week! Heard a nutritionist say that if you avoid any refined sugars for 21 days, you will have conquered your sweet cravings; she also said that most people aren't ready to commit to a 21 day fast for refined sugars. Guess I'm one of the most, not quite there yet. But might do another 3 day refined foods day soon.

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9/23/11 9:50 A

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I have been controling my eating behaviors for a couple of months now. I have reduced sugar intake more and more as time goes by and now I find I am not craving sugar unless I'm actually having a "Binge Crazed moment"! If I give in to the sugar at that point, I find I want 2-3-4 times the quanity then I had planned to allow myself. So it has become very clear to me that I am better off making a healthy food choice to binge on. I seem to be satisfied with less and the binge behavior is reduced. Yesterday I decided to take all my trigger foods and throw them in the trash. But that wasn't safe enough. Then I had to dump dirty kitty litter on top of it. I felt better afterward knowing these temptations were removed and I vowed to myself not to buy more of them. I will save the sweet treats for special occasions where I can't be tempted to eat beyond what is reasonable.

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9/22/11 8:44 P

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emoticon emoticon What's Your Game Plan? emoticon
How are things going? Better? Still struggling? Have you yanked your sweet tooth? Do you plan to try moderation with sweet treats now & then in the future? Please share your thoughts here :)

Week 4: Game Plan for Life
Now that you have yanked that sweet tooth, it's time to devise a plan to prevent a sugar relapse. Although sugar isn't necessary for health and it's perfectly fine if you want to continue avoiding it, it probably isn't realistic for most people to avoid all forms of sugar forever.

So if you want to allow a little sweetness back into your life, that's OK. Moderation is key. Don't let sugar and sweets become a daily habit. Instead, consider them to be special occasion treats only. With your lowered threshold for sweetness, that shouldn't be too hard. But if you begin to indulge too often or overindulge over a short period of time (such as a weeklong vacation), you could find yourself back in trouble with sugar all over again.

If you slip up, donít beat yourself up over it. Accept your action and decide to make a better decision next time and move on. Continue to experiment with your new, healthy foods and recipes. You'd be surprised at how many ways you can make treats healthier and use far less sugar than a recipe suggests.

And remember: It generally takes about 3-4 weeks for a new behavior to become habit, the most important thing is to stick with it.

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