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11/12/18 9:24 A

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I started at 290.4 pounds, got down to 223 but am back up to 240, due to emotional stress eating I am becoming more focused on to cut down the overeating.

My philosophy has been "One pound at a time, no matter how long it takes."

Do you tell others of your weight loss journey?

Here is a post by Coach Jen this Monday morning:

Hi everyone!

I'm writing an article about why you don't necessarily have to tell others about your weight loss goals in order to be successful. In your own experience, what have been the pros/cons of telling people that you're going to try to lose weight?

We talk a lot about having a support system, but are you someone who feels like you are on a very private journey? If so, I'd love to hear from you! How do you field questions and deal with people who might notice a change in your behavior/routine?

Please send me a SparkMail and your comments might be shared in my article. Thanks for your help!

Coach Jen


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5/27/18 12:12 P

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I'm all for non-scale victories and small wins and so on, but I hadn't thought about "small losses." (That's not as in "small losses of weight," lol.) A few weeks ago I subscribed to a website focused on simplifying. It's a quiet little article / blog site, but I'm becoming rather fond of it.

Today's email featured this post:

I like the idea that "small losses" are worth our attention... that we shouldn't dwell on them or use them for self-recrimination, but rather that we shouldn't miss the lessons we can learn from them.

For myself, too often I get into an "all or nothing" mentality: "If I don't lose X amount per month, then I have failed," or "If I don't exercise at least a half-hour at a time, I might's well not exercise at all."

I work hard at NOT falling into the "all or nothing" trap, and I have learned enough self-awareness to recognize and affirm to myself the little successes - losing one pound is better than losing none... exercising 10 minutes is better than not exercising all day. You know, those kinds of small achievements.

But I hadn't thought about these small losses. If I have a second helping, and that only happens at one meal, on one day - rather than pretend it didn't happen, or ruminate on it until I've magnified it into a major failure, what if I simply learn a small lesson?

I might learn a "big" lesson if I go off the rails and regain ten pounds. (Oh, brother! If I had a dollar for every time, lol...) But maybe small losses - microfailures - can add up to small lessons that will help forestall those "I fell down" occasions.

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