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8/19/09 2:58 P

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Good afternoon everyone.

I've been feeling in a funk this week, and I'm not sure why. I have been wanting to get to the gym, but crazy life things keep coming up :( The worst part is that it's not even an excuse. My bf has been in the process of getting a car and his nerves are just going haywire, so I've been needing to go home after work to help him budget and to give him hugs when he needs them. We were gonna go today together, but now we found out that we have to talk to the dealer so we can't :(

Just kinda been rough. I think I've done pretty well with my eating though. I ate some really delicious, healthy appetizers last night at a meeting I had to go to, and decided that since it was such gourmet food, that I wouldn't track, but I have a feeling it went well :)

I hope everyone has a great evening!


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8/19/09 12:31 P

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Good morning/afternoon everyone. I feel like I'm slacking off this morning since so many of you already posted today. But I got off to a slow start this morning as I slept through the alarm clock (not sure how I slept through the beeping for 40 minutes) and so I didn't get in my treadmill workout this a.m.. But last night I did the 3.1 miles that is a 5K in 70 minutes. Not the greatest but at least I finished it. That is my goal for the next 30 days - to finish a 5K 5 days a week no matter how long it takes me.

Cub - Darn you had a good exercise day yesterday! Wow

Trail - that is some major working out if you sweat all the way down there. LOL Great job

Dani - No worries about the KFC, you have had a REALLY rough couple of days and you didn't great to only fall once. Your tough you'll get back up and brush yourself off today.

Celt - glad to see you got some good sleep last night - that is such an important part of our journey.

Shell - sorry to hear its raining there but remember that rain is what makes everything so green and pretty. Enjoy it for the beauty that it is.

Everyone have a good choices day!


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8/19/09 10:40 A

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I just finished my treadmill and strength exercises for the day and I feel so good! It's a rainy, dark day today, but I'm not going to let that bring me down.

I'm looking forward to heading to the grocery store later on today and seeing what fruits they have that look good. For the first time in a long time I'm eating the fruit I buy before it goes bad!

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8/19/09 10:38 A

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Good morning all!

I finally got some sleep last night!!! YEah me!! I will be hitting them gym tonight instead of this morning but tomorrow morning for sure I will be the best little gym rat anyone knew!!

Have a great day everyone!

I am worth it. I just sometimes have to remind myself of that!

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8/19/09 10:18 A

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Good morning. I'm afraid I might be out of the Survivor challenge this week. I went on a major KFC binge last night. I was fine all day, and then my husband went to work last night, and the kids went to bed, and it was just too quiet. I'm back on track today, but I'm afraid the damage has been done.

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8/19/09 10:16 A

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Hi all,

Today Boot camp was so hard. For the first time I sweated from my lower booty. That has never happen.

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8/19/09 10:12 A

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Good Morning everyone!

I'm pretty sore today but I did what I set out to do. I did my running yesterday morning, went to spinning class at night with my Mom (So fun!!!) and did my running this morning :)

I'm feeling better about this week. Gotta stay in that Survivor challenge!!

I have my meals planned out for the day, going to stop home in between jobs today to let the doggie out to play and run around in the backyard for a while and feed her dinner.

Have a great day everyone!


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