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11/15/10 12:43 A

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I, too am not a celiac but thoroughly benefit from a clean gluten-free diet.
Those of us with gut and digestion woes need to recharge the gut with friendly life. I take a 5 billion per capsule acidophilus every day. Its called Flora Plus. The gut has been affected by antibiotics and other kill-offs and stresses which often needs support. The gut makes vitamin “K” when it is sound and healthy. The immune system is sensitive to what is eaten. Be sure to go without for a few hours each day. This means no water or other beverages. This gives the body and especially the gut time to recharge the hydrochloric Acid (HCI) needed by the stomach to digest everything. A drop in body performance of making HCI can lead to other digestive woes. Constantly consuming something, even water can disrupt acid and alkaline balance of digestion. Other forms of life in our bodies may overcrowd ‘the second brain’ the digestive tract and putting ‘friendly bacteria’ back in aggressively can speed up rebalancing, support the immune system, and improve the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Help your body crowd out the bad viral, bacterial, and fungal colonies by fighting back. Studies have also proven that a well balanced and rebalanced gut can clear a weight lose plateau.

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11/11/10 4:50 P

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Oh Kate I so agree with you when you said "do I wish for something that I cannot have?" The one thing that I really miss is Pizza. Is it worth for me to have a piece. Absolutely not. I do not like getting sick as I have never felt so much better since I have been gf. You weigh the difference and mine would be no gluten at all.

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11/10/10 10:17 P

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You might want to eliminate both and then add one back at a time to see which one is causing the sore throat. A sore throat is an allergic reaction to something that you are allergic to. I know that is one of my symptoms that I get when I take antibiotics and I have an allergic reaction to it. So be cautious with them until you know which one is causing it and then eliminate it.


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11/10/10 9:04 P

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I have a wheat intollerance, but not to other related things. I eat a bit of spelt, but keep it down. I used to think the cheat when I went out was okay, but no more! I don't like the miserable feeling in my tummy, and I have less fibromyalgia pain now. Also, my thyroid has normalized for the first time in 20 years!
Do I sometimes wish for something I can't have? Yep! Do I eat it? Nope!

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11/10/10 3:55 P

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I would agree with most of what has been said. I feel much better when I do not eat any gluten. I, however, would think a label that says "not suitable for nut allergies" means there are some nuts. YOur symptoms sound to me like a mild allergic reaction. Besides the Usual "cover their butt" phrase is "processed in the same facility as tree nuts."

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11/10/10 3:46 P

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Um, I would not be consuming gluten at all. I am intolerant and would have those gut noises and loose stools. When I stopped consuming gluten all that went away.

As for not suitable to nut allergy suffers, it is probably because it is made on the same equipment as bread w/ nuts in it.

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11/10/10 2:41 P

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Granted, I have Celiac so I avoid gluten all together. However, I have a friend who is gluten intolerant and she avoids gluten completely, and she does a lot better. Honestly, if you know you have an issue with gluten whether it be an intolerance, allergy, or Celiac, it would be best to cut it out. Your body is not healing if you still eat what you should not have. Just a thought.

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11/10/10 9:58 A

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I find for me that no gluten at all in anything is best for me. the noise in my tummy is just about gone. and i have more energy. just not worth it to me to eat gluten.

11/10/10 7:51 A

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Hi, I've been having about two portions of gluten a day for a while and I've been fine. Today I looked at the label on the locally made (white) bread and it says "not suitable for nut allergy sufferers" which sucks because my nut allergy is worse than the gluten intolerance.

Is this just a standard warning?

I was thinking that maybe I was having too much gluten because I burp a lot after eating. Also a sore phlegm feeling in my throat and digestive issues - big noisy growls and either no movements or lots of loose ones.

Advice please?
I will be picking up some Gluten Free bread from the shop today. I just feel better on GF - but I can still have gluten 'normal' bread when we go out.

Should I try a brown or wholemeal bread?

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