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6/5/09 12:58 P

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Ouch, plantar fascia definitely sounds like something I don't want to have ever!
My injury was caused by lack of shoes...I got some huge toothpick in my foot. Just that I went to podiatrist as a part of the whole thing and he gave me hell for not wearing right shoes...I have very flat and very wide feel and bunions are starting to creep upon me. I hope that wearing the right shoes for running can help me fix some of my problems.

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6/5/09 12:49 P

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I have a foot problem too - have been impatiently waiting for both heels to heal and can't run - yet. Glad you found some great shoes. I just went through that too. I went with New Balance. I was fitted at a running shoe store and was told I have low arches and the shoes I wore were causing stress on the plantar fascia - that is some nasty pain - like walking on sharp tacks with every step! Is that what you had?

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6/5/09 11:18 A

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So my foot nearly healed and I ordered the Brooks from the website.
It's such a great price, free shipping and they should be here the next day, aka today! I am so excited.
Back to trenches, I cannot wait to re-start the C5K program. I am in horrific shape after 6 months of not exercising.

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5/29/09 4:32 P

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I have flat feet too, although they aren't wide just normal. Based on that I needed a stability shoe and chose the Asics Foundation 8 after I was given recommendations by my type of foot. It also got an excellent review at Runnersworld magazine. Normally I would get them online but I went to a local sports shoe store, they didn't have the Foundation so instead I got the Asics GT 2140, I paid around 75. for them,(I could have found them online for less). I put them on my feet in the store and fell in love, immediate comfort. I've never had Asics before and I'm sold on them. I just bought a 2nd pair online this time, the Foundation 8, and got them for 67.00 at Kelly's Running Warehouse, which is an awesome price. They had 5.00 shipping but I found an online coupon for free shipping. Asics seem to be very popular with marathon runners so they should know. I work with a girl who runs marathons all over the country and all I ever see on her feet is Asics.

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5/26/09 10:22 A

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Thank you so much, ladies, for all of the input.
I decided in the end to go with Brooks, unfortunately our running shop does not carry those other types, but I really like how the Brooks feel, and they have an excellent return policy.
My foot got nearly healed so I plan to hit the running store some time this week and then be on my way:-)
Happy summer

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5/22/09 1:53 P

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Once you find the shoes that fit you the best, check on amazon or ebay to see if you can find good deals!


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5/18/09 8:27 P

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Zuzana - well, what do you know! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has wide flat feet! When I first started running, I was wearing Reebok Princess shoes. Really bad choice for running. My trainer referred me to a running shoes store to have them find a good shoe for me, being flat-footed. He recommended Brooks Addiction 7. They were a bit expensive but I thought they were well worth the investment. The difference is night and day. I love running in these shoes. I know I will get another pair of these when it comes time to buy another pair. Hope that helps.

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5/18/09 12:53 P

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Not w/ Brooks addiction... but I wear Trance 7s and I love them!

Everyone is different though! :-) Try em out, check out the running store's policy if they don't work if you can exchange or return!

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5/18/09 12:13 P

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This is so cool! It would take me forever to find all these shoes with the right specifications. Thanks a lot

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5/18/09 12:09 P

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I have a different type of foot, but there is a website where they will ask you questions (such as arch type, pronation, weight, etc) and determine your best shoe. It is . They have a link on the left side of the page and you just click the link "Go Fetch." I used it and got shoes based on their recommendation. They weren't that expensive and they are awesome! It's cool because they give you a wide variety of shoes and you can search by price. They have a lot of brands that aren't that bad price-wise. Good luck.

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5/18/09 11:50 A

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Hi all,
I am recovering from an injury and getting ready to run again.
I've seen a podiatrist recently and I realized that I have wide flat feet and do not wear appropriate shoes...well...ever.
I went to a running store and they recommended Brooks Addiction 8 shoes.
Granted, they are $100, so I am giving some though to the whole thing.
Does anybody have the same type of feet? Or experience with Brooks Addiction? Any input would be great.

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