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9/13/09 11:00 P

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Yikes, that's not good. I hope you find some answers on that. My cycles for most of my life have been long, irregular and scant. Desirable except when I was tying to get pregnant. Since I started on T3(cytomel) my cycles went to 28 days like clock work.
Go figure on that one.
Best of luck to you!

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9/13/09 10:00 P

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I have the exact problem and I understand when you say its getting old. I can have a heavy period for 3 months. My doc has never offered anything but birth control, gladto know there is something else out there to help.

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9/13/09 8:12 P

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I do see a gyno regularly. I actually have been seeing them twice a year since I was 16 years old. I have had ultrasounds, colposcopy, laproscopic surgery, and a number of different birth controls. The last time that I did see my gyno I discussed with her that I was having these problems and she did say that having a thyroid problem can cause longer heavier periods and that it can cause spotting in between.

9/12/09 5:53 P

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The only time I have ever had a normal cycle was when I was birth control pills. Now I am off I dont miss like I did before I started them but oh its bad! I agree you should see your doctor on this.

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9/12/09 5:27 P

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I have always been as regular as clockwork and never been on the pill except for a brief two month time. I hated the way it made me feel and got the tubes tied. Anyways, I am not sure if your menstrual cycle is affected by hypothyroidism, but it has never affected me. I agree that you need to see your gyno though and the sooner the better.


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9/12/09 2:13 P

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agreed you need to go to your doc! Like EM said it could be related to PCOS since I've done as you described when I still had the plumbing.

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9/12/09 1:17 P

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You need to see your ob/gyn right away! A few years ago, when I was having the period that was going on for 3 weeks, I saw my ob/gyn, and she checked, gave me provera pills to stop the period. It took 3 doses (10 days was a dose) to finally stop it, although it was normally to come back lighter for a couple of days and then finally stop. My ob/gyn also had me do a pelvic ultrasound during the bleeding. It was normal. She didn't have any explanation other than it was a fragmented polyp.

Since I have PCOS as well, I've been having the absence of menstrual cycles, but my ob/gyn said as long as you have a period every 3 months, it's healthy. She prescribes the same provera pills I took that stopped the period, to then bring on a period. Sometimes I'll have a monthly period, then stop the next 3 months, it's nuts:)

Good luck, please go see a good ob/gyn.

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9/12/09 1:58 A

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I was just wondering how menstrual cycles are for some of you who have hypothyroidism. I have been on levothyroxine for a few years. I started out taking 25 mcg and am up to 88 mcg. I am in the process of being referred to an endo but wanted to get your guys' opinion too.

I have always had irregular periods for most of the time that I have had them. When I was younger I would go a few months without them and then have it for 2-3 weeks then off a week then back on for 2 weeks then not again for a few months. I am currently taking ortho evra and when I started that it regulated my periods so that I have one every month. In the beginning it was really good, it was pretty regular minus a few incidents of spotting. Well over time, it is getting worse again. Right now I have had my period for almost 4 months. I might have it for 2 weeks then just spotting for a few days then right back to a full period. It is getting really old.

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