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12/29/19 8:02 P

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12/30/19 to 06/30/20 lose 18 lbs and then 06/30/20/to12/30/20 lose another 18 lbs. Total 36 lbs I will then be 180 pounds

Weigh-in 216 lbs BMI 36.

Steps; 1: exercise 500+ minutes a month
2: eat healthy
3: drink water and get to 64 oz a day
4: login to SP daily
5: no snacks at night
6: bedtime before midnight
7: Weigh-in daily and official weekly on Tuesdays
8: mindful of portion size

Baby steps = Big results
Healthy eating only - NO DIET
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12/1/19 11:49 A

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Okay, my goals are pretty simple.

#1. Increase my step count to over 10,000/day by June 2020. Right now working on 8000/day by end of December 2019.

#2. Track and increase my water (calorie free fluid intake) to a minimum of 8 cups a day.

#3. Continue to tweak my diet to a more natural, less packaged and junk.

#4. To journal daily

#5 To finish my afghan

My overall goal is to lose the final 40lbs by March 2021 in time for my daughters graduation.

Have a great Day
Kira a.k.a. majork29
Living in Edmomton, AB
BL Challenge: Pink Flamingoes!

#1 Consistently drink 8 glasses of water
#2 Increase my Daily Steps to 8500 by the end of January 2020
#3 Journal Daily

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11/6/19 8:25 P

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So I am reposting my year goals as things have changed up a bit for me so here goes

These goals will go from November 5 2019 through to August 2020

(1) starting weight as of November 5 2019 = 271.4

(2) Walking - am a slower walker and can't go far without having to sit due to some medical conditions so I will be using a pedometer to track my steps. Goal is to start with getting in at least 1,000 steps daily with the overall goal at the end of August 2020 to be walk up to 2 miles a day

(3) Food = I have decided to go sugar and flour free using the principles of Bright Line Eating. This is not necessarily completely new as I have changed up some with respect to this. For instance I am pretty much no desserts just prior to November 5 = now the goal is to take it one day at a time working towards being 100% compliance.

(4) Have seen the doc (on November 6) to get the numbers from last blood work. Four of the numbers were off so Doc said that he would expect to see much better numbers next time blood work is done if I stay complaint with sugar / flour free. Also said that within one year I could be off a lot of the med's I am on - which is great.

(5) Spiritually = working with DH on studying the Bible together - each day we read 4 chapters and eventually we will be through the complete Bible and then will start over. All courses offered at our Church we take = our faith is continuing to grow

(5) Baby blankets = would like to be able to make 25 - 30 by this time next year.

One year of making healthy lifestyle changes

Christians Weighing in with Christ

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10/27/19 9:41 P

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I am going to start making positive healthy changes, from now October 27, 2019 til August 2020, I am setting out to achieve these goals:

1. Start using my CPAP machine, and being consistent using the machine nightly.

2. Begin reading the Bible, I need to find the right reading plan for me. Reading at least 15 minutes gradually increasing my reading and prayer time. I have completed many bible study classes at my church.

3. Start to write in my journal, without letting my perfectionism taking over.

4. I want to start going to bed and waking up at the same time consistently. 8-9 hours sleeping time only.

5. Start an easy exercise plan and gradually increase my exercise time bi weekly. I am starting out small and building up to a good solid plan.

6. Stop drinking diet soda, and drink more water throughout the day. I need to start having a water bottle everywhere I go. I am allowing myself to have a cup of hot tea in the morning and before bed with only 1 packet of sweetener.

7. Stop eating the wrong foods and replacing them with healthy foods. Examples: replacing chips and cookies, etc. with fruits an d veggies.

And my biggest obstacle is portion control
8. Only cook enough for 1 portion, 1 serving.

If I can do this I can maybe lose 65-70 pounds within 10 months, hoping to anyways.


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9/27/19 12:20 A

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By making healthy lifestyle changes in the year of Aug '19 - Aug '20 I hope to have achieved all of the following by year's end:

1) A closer relationship with God...going to the Holy Spirit's guidance first and foremost in all things.

2) Be at maintenance weight range (118-125) and learning to navigate living successfully in "maintenance" mode.

3) Daily enjoying and looking forward to whole foods, veggies, fruits, whole grains, nuts & seeds, etc. and enjoying having eliminated sugar, flour, processed foods and no longer desiring or wanting them...breaking free from "bondage" of these addictive food substances.

4) Being active daily with lots of movement (not too much sitting/knitting emoticon ) and enjoying several days doing additional exercise (yoga, walking, strength training, tai chi, etc.).

5) Enjoying the health benefits derived from all of the above such as normal blood pressure, good body mass index number, lower risk of diseases, stronger immune system, better sleeping habits, less pain/inflammation, and continuing ability to being able to be medication-free.

6) Enjoying the completion of our remaining building projects: 1) our outdoor living spaces with covering, 2) husband's workshop area, 3) covered parking area, 4) fencing in entire lot (we live on a corner lot).

7) Enjoying the completion of my new: 1) raised container gardening area, 2) meditation garden area, 3) small mini-fruit "orchard" area and 4) private walking path.

8) Will be selling my knitting (once again) at our local Farmer's Market along with my husband's woodworking providing much needed add'l income and enjoying meeting the tourists and local community again (have not been out and about or selling at market past few years).

9) Will be taking it one day at a time (or moment to moment if need be) and will have eliminated "thinking" too much, focusing too much on the future. Will have learned to take care of "now" trusting with God's strength and the Holy Spirit's guidance I can do whatever I need to do.

10) I will be celebrating and grateful for all I had to face and overcome in this year's time praising God for the difference and growth in my life ... physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

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dj ~ Big Island Hawaii
Whole-foods, Plant-based, No Sugar/Flour/Snacks, Moderate Exercise, Spiritually Focused/Supported - that's the plan!

"...casting all your cares on Him, for He cares about you." 1 Peter 5:7
"Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to Wisdom." ~ Buddha
"When diet is wrong medicine is of no use, when diet is correct medicine is of no need." ~Ayurvedic Proverb

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9/26/19 2:08 P

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My goals for August 2019 through August 2020 are:

1. Bible Reading: be consistent and read in my Bible everyday. Read the Commentaries that go with the Bible. Continue to read my Portals of Prayer daily devotions. Read in my new Bible coming soon with Portal of Prayers devotions within the Bible. Begin each day with God.

2. Be consistent with the maintenance plan I have worked out and finally learn how to keep my weight at goal and maintain for the first time in my life!

3. Go to bed and get up at the same time everyday!

4. Get 4000 steps (minimum) 6 days a week.

5. Start doing my hip rehab exercises again!

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9/24/19 6:02 P

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I have deleted the message I had posted here re goals from August to August as I have started going sugar and flour free - see new post giving my new yearly goals.

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One year of making healthy lifestyle changes

Christians Weighing in with Christ

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9/22/19 12:39 A

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My goals for August 2019 through August 202 are;
1.Get 10,1000 steps in or more a day.
2. Do ST 3-4 times a week.
3. Drink 8-9 glasses of water a day.,
4. Do HIIT 2-3 times a week
5 Increase prayer time to half hour or an hour gradually
6. Keep memorizing verses

My name is Laura and I live in Wisconsin. I am a Powerful Prism Panther.

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9/21/19 4:22 P

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My goals for August 2019 through August 2020 are:

1: Work on increasing prayer time to one hour over time then gradually to two hours
2. Keep and maintain a gratitude list
3. Memorize scripture on my Scripture cards
4. Work out 6x a week for cardio
5. Work out 4x a week for st
6. Read through the Bible and study the Bible more thoroughly
7. Knit or do some other hobby to keep myself out of the kitchen

My name is Jenny. Phil. 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

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9/20/19 6:48 P

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My goals for August 2019 through August 2020 are:

(1) starting weight was 267.6. Goal is to be down to 199 by this time next year

(2) Exercise = I am now walking. At present I am just getting in 1 mile every 2 days. Goal is to be able to walk 3 miles no stopping by this time next year

(3) Food = goal is to be eating clean = in other words no sugar, carbs no higher than 100 g, no processed food, 90 oz of water daily, get in 2 - 3 cups of vegetables each day

(4) Bible = continue reading through it each day with hubby till we complete it and then start over again. Also am going to be working on a course from our church as of next week called Systematic Theology. Goes for 13 weeks then a short break and then we start up again. So goal is to really improve my daily walk with the Lord

(5) Baby blankets = would like to be able to make 25 - 30 by this time next year.

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9/20/19 10:17 A

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Starting Weight 8/1/19 = 144.4 pounds
Goal weight 8/1/20 = 129 pounds (15.4 pound loss)

Goal #1: I want to FINALLY reach my goal.
Goal #2: Stop binge eating
Goal #3: Find an eating plan that I can consistently follow. This being broke sometimes has it's disadvantages.
Goal #4: Be more consistent exercising. I will sometimes let the littlest things stop me.


Consistency is Key
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9/19/19 7:23 P

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Starting Weight 8/1/19 = 244 pounds
Goal weight 8/1/20 = 175 pounds (69 pound loss - I need to lose about 6 pounds per month).

Goal #1: Reach 175 pounds.
UPDATE Jan '20 - I am still at 209 and don't think I can get to 175 that fast. Oh well!

Goal #2: Have my triglycerides be normal at my annual physical on July 2 (see below).

Goal #3: Eat at least 3 veggies per day (not counting greens).

Goal #4 - fit into a size 14 pants. I am currently an 18 and have been as high as 28. Already have several 14s in the closet from Goodwill!

Goal #5: Give up white bread completely and instead have whole wheat/seed bread.
UPDATE OCT '19: emoticon

Goal #6: Have dark leafy greens in my diet four times a week.
UPDATE OCT '19: I like the Fresh Express Baby Kale Mix so much I am eating some every day. emoticon

One goal I have already met was giving up soda on March 13, 2019. I have not had it since, and I no longer want it. I have also given up all sugary drink crystals, including my Kool-Aid and Country Time Pink Lemonade. I drink only water. This one change has eliminated my sugar cravings!

Bloodwork I hope to improve (values as of 2/28/17):
Cholesterol = 182 (I've seen it said it should be under 200 or 150)
Triglycerides = 188 (should be under 149)
HDL (good cholesterol) = 32 (should be over 39)
LDL (bad cholesterol) = 112 (should be under 99)
HDL/LDL Ratio = 3.5 (should be under 3.2)

Weight progress:
8/1/19 - 244
9/1/19 - 237 (-7)
10/1/19 - 231 (-13)
11/1/19 - 224 (-20)
12/1/19 - 214 (-30)
1/1/20 - 210 (-34)

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My name is Renee. Leader, Intuitive Eating team

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9/19/19 4:29 P

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It has been brought to my attention about goals for the year - as this group is about making changes in one year.

So this thread will be from August 2019 (when the group was started) to August 2020 =come to this thread and list goals that you are working on for the year - things that when August 2020 comes around you want to be able to say - I did it

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