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2/21/13 4:30 P

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I think it is also the combinations of foods that lesson your appetite. When I followed the plan more seriously in the beginning I too had no appetite. I felt a bit nauseous and couldn't bear thinking about eating the evening meal...but I forced it. I too think one needs to adjust the program for one's own needs.

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2/21/13 3:41 P

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I was pretty shocked at the amount of food too when I started.. I previously ate around 1000 calories a day but have some medical issues that cause serious weight gain, and make it really hard to lose it. I'm only 4'9" so 1000 calories isn't a low number for me. What I did was scale waaaay down on Plan food portions, so I might just be eating a couple bites of everything. For the flax granola, I only eat 1/2 C. flax with 1/2 C. blueberries (I like fruit!) and things like the rice got cut back to 1/2 C. too.

I would suggest just finding out what works for you portion wise and stick with it.. good luck!!

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2/21/13 2:20 P

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This may seem like a strange complaint for someone who wants to lose weight, but I have no appetite. Since I have been on The Plan, I have found the amount of food that I am eating to be overwhelming. I actually dread meals. I am also so discouraged because I gain .4 lbs, lose .4 lbs, gain.4 lbs, lose .4 lbs. I have been consistently constipated in the morning and that is when I weigh myself. If I do "go"in the afternoon it is too late to weigh-in.(sorry for the gorey details) So I am not sure how accurate my data is. I have always loved eating and cooking, but now I don't because I have no appetite. I take a pro-biotic and some magnesium at night and still the constipation plaques me. I feel very crabby!

The key to me eating healthy is eating mindfully. This means reading labels, making balanced choices, and most importantly, listening to my body's hunger cues.

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