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6/29/10 2:14 P

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I can completely relate as someone who was always terrified of dogs, but perhaps the dog got out by accident. We went through a bad period where our 2 older kids would leave the front door open & our dog would take this as his invitation to go play with the nearest stranger he could find. He is a 90 pound black lab, so a rather frightening thing to see coming running at you, especially if you are a little kid. I believe he would never intentionally hurt someone, but for sure he could knock a little kid over in his excitement, or god-forbid frighten a kid into running into the street. There is no excuse for having a dog run loose - but accidents happen. I got reamed out a couple of times by passers-by (and rightly so, and I then passed that reaming out onto my husband who bought the dog & the kids for leaving the door open) I have now successfully scared the kids into remembering to close the door behind themselves!!! I hope you don't have any more bad experiences with that dog & that your son isn't petrified of dogs as a result of the scare.

On the other hand, maybe the owner had the dog outside loose on purpose, in which case I say shame on them.

Soon our 2 year old will be able to open our front door. oy.

Sharon - Ontario

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6/14/10 2:15 P

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I totally agree with you. I would be pissed as well. If there is no fence the dogs should be on a leash. I also have bas feelings toward pitbulls (hope I don't offend anyone) you always hear so many bad stories about them.


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6/13/10 6:17 P

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That's horrible. I would have called the police and, at the very least, filed a report.

Big dogs can do more than scratch little kids. You and your are son are very lucky that nothing happened.

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6/13/10 3:40 P

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I live in a fairly small town (under 5000) for about a year. I have a soon to be one year old and a 5 year old. I try to walk or bike with them for no less than 30 mins a day.
Today we took a in the stroller 5 y/o walking next to me ... all of a sudden out runs a huge pitbull first sniffed and slobbered on me and then proceeded to chase around my 5 y/o. We have nevr had a dog / never wanted / never around dogs.!! The owner then come running out telling my son to not run dont get excited blah blah blah ( I would also run fron something 2x my size trying to jump on me) and took about 3 mins to catch her damn dog after tackling my my son and pushing my stroller and myself around a bit, to grab her dog. My son's leg was scratched and he was upset after we had walked away..he was thinking the dog had bit him... WTF why was this dog not leashed ... Should I have done more then just walk away ? call the police ?? what happens if that dog gets a hold of a 2 or 3 year old .. he was huge. PLEASE LEASH UP YOUR DOGS ITS SCARY FOR KIDS !

thanks im just trying to vent a little ... any feedback on the topic is valued !

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