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7/14/06 7:41 A

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come on over to the site here that says, "can I join you?" seems more people are there. We would love to talk with you. Great job on your weightloss! I will pray for your hubby...sounds EXACTLY like mine. Only HE is the one who actually is from the back woods!!! hahaha. lol.

Please hold my spiritual hand in this journey! I need serious help in this! I have gained so much weight in the last two years...I cannot keep going down this hill! My health is suffering!

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6/27/06 12:07 A

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As I am a member of more than one forum, I will be using this same post in other forums besides the Christian Motivation in Weight Loss Forum. I hope you will not find this in any way's just a lot to type and I wanted to share this with everyone.

I've been away from SparkPeople for quite a while now and I hope to get back on a regular basis very soon...but for now I want to share an update with all of you.

I will begin by saying thank you to everyone who has been praying for my daughter Elisha and her well as for me. God has heard you and has answered. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate the times you've called my name or that of my daughter out in prayer. Nothing means as much as knowing that people are praying for you.

Everything went well with Elisha during her labor and delivery. I am now the proud grandmother of another beautiful little girl. And her BIG sisters are totally in LOVE with her. The oldest wants to hold her all the time and the younger one says "She's so beautiful" everytime she looks at her...and she's right (of course!).

Although the other woman was present in the room for the birth, I rejoice in that God's grace is sufficent...I was able to be there and help my daughter through her labor and delivery...I was able to be positive and encouraging toward her and attentive to her needs...without harboring hateful, hurt, or angry feelings for either my son-in-law or Twila. And praise God, I haven't experienced any of these feelings since then either. God has given me a peace which surpasses my anger and pain...defuses my confusion and halts my judgement. I am so thankful He is my God!

I am also rejoicing in the fact that for the past week Twila has been back home. I am currently praying (and others are praying and agreeing in prayer with me) that she stays there and doesn't come back around this area. (If anyone here feels compeled to join me in this prayer, I would welcome your added agreement.)

Now for the baby...SHE'S SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! Here's the basic info: Destaney Alaine was born on June 11th at 1:17 am. She weighed 7lbs 4ozs and was 19 3/4 inches long. She has lt. brown hair and blue eyes (however her eyes also have brown we're uncertain about what color her eyes are).

She has already gained 6 ounce since her birth...which is unusual, because newborns commonly loose a few ounces during the first week then begin to gain. So, she seems to be doing very well. Growin' like a weed!...we're so proud!

She's also a very quite baby usually. Even when she was born she only cried enough to fill her lungs. She only gets upset when she is having her diapher changed or getting bathed, otherwise, she's very calm. However, she's already developing a very distinctive personality...

She loves to eat (like her granny! hahaha). In fact she insist on a bottle every 3 hours (around the clock).

She can already hold her head up and look around...she seems quite curious even for a 2 week

She smiles at her granny and papaw (and no it's not gas---it's

She doesn't mind going bye-bye as long as granny keeps the wheels rolling..parking is no fun for her.

She has already had her first sleepover at granny and papaw's house and has already attended her first church service (we hope to have her dedicated very soon).

Fact is, she's absolutely perfect! I was very mindful to thank God for His handiwork...she couldn't possibly be more perfect or more beautiful...or more LOVED!

Oh, and she also has a nickname already...not certain I actually like it though...

My husband and I took the grandchildren to see the animated movie "Cars" the night before Destaney was born. In this movie there is an old beat up, rusty tow truck with buck teeth who is as APPALACHIAN, BACKWOODS, HILLBILLY-ISH as is possible...(no offense intended)...anyway, this tow truck happened to be my husbands' favorite character in the movie (go, now he calls our precious little baby girl "Mater". That's the trucks name...Tow Mater!

Yes, prayer for my husband is totally acceptable and highly

Thanks again for your you can see, they've made all the difference. Please continue to pray for Elisha and my other girls...and for my son-in-law...God has been so good to us and I believe that we will see everything work out in regards to Twila.

God bless,


Nahum 1:7~
"The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him."

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