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7/25/11 11:12 A

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My grandboy started gaining weight when he went on respiradol and even though he plays hard at the sitter's and goes to the pool with us for an hour or more a day he hasn't lost weight. He is very picky about what he eats (cheese pizza, chicken nuggets, apples, french friens, sweets, biscuits (the southern US kind for those of you who are U.K. folks). I try to make sure he gets Lean Cuisine pizzas instead of Pizza Hut, homemade chicken nuggets, mini ice cream sandwiches for dessert, and smaller portions to keep calories and fat in check. He still needs to lose weight and tone up. The fact that he doesn't sleep doesn't help either.
Anyway, meds can cause weight gain , lack of sleep also, as well as not getting exercise. Good luck on figuring out a solution!

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7/18/11 4:20 P

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Your son didn't switch any medications recently, did he? My son changed meds a few years ago and ballooned up very quickly because of it. We made a few adjustments in dosages and what time of day he took certain meds, and it stopped the weight gain. My son loves carbs and video games too, but 34 pounds in 3 months sounds like a lot. My son has slowly been working his weight off since his medication incident, but it does take a lot of effort. My son is currently 17, and this happened approximately 6 - 7 years ago. I would certainly talk to his doctor about it. Good luck!

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7/18/11 11:14 A

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Hi, I hear ya. My ds (6'1" and 243 lbs) is high-functioning/aspie depending on which doc you talk to. He has also been gaining weight and since school ended happy to sit at computer, or video games, or tv/movie watching. We went to his doc the other day and he has gained 3 lbs since April but 9 since December when we first went to this doc. And almost 20 lbs since we moved here in July 2010. Doc said he needs to exercise 30 minutes per day at least 5 days minimum. We got ds to start doing the Wii in the mornings for 10 minutes for this week, then next week will up it to 20 and so on. Getting ds to do this without a fuss is not easy but needs to be done. My ds also eats a lot of carbs, not a fruit or veggie eater which complicates things.

Do you have a Wii? Since the activities are almost like a game, maybe your ds would be willing to try as well. Plus there are many other games/activities that can be used/purchased depending on your ds' interests. Another suggestion the doc gave us was to purchase a pedometer and have ds work up to 10,000 steps per day. I need to get one for mine to use.

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7/18/11 10:20 A

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MY son got acidently discharged from the pyshic clinic he uses (its a long story), anyway to make a long story short, he went in to get his PCP checkup, and it was with a new doc because our doc left the clinic we use, everything looked good except his weight, he had been weighed in april he weighed 160 (hes 16 and 5 "6"), now hes 5 "7" and a half and 194 pounds, he know he needs to get active, hes home alone for most of the day because even though my husband is home hes asleep so all he does is eat andplay on his computer or play vid games, he was starting to get social but now hes withdrawing again, im dreading the school year because hes getting so stubborn about stuff ( i know i know hes a teenager),but the doc set an appt for nov and he wants him 15 pounds down, its tooo hot right now to get him to do anything , i hope that when school starts back and he gets hi P E class going again, it will happen i plan on talking to his teacher (a very nice man), im sure he will have ideas BTW he loves PE so this shouldnt be to hard, oh did i mention how picky he is , only want s to eat certain foods, right now hes new addiction is chicken ramen. ahhh anyone got any suggestions lol, im at my wits end.


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