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7/15/18 3:26 P

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I like salsa over potatoes also. You just have to watch the sodium.

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7/15/18 9:15 A

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that sounds yummy

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7/5/18 1:49 P

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Following an elimination diet (still) that bears some resemblance to the Eat to Live program (though I am not nearly as strict as dr. Fuhrman would suggest).

* Now that it is hot in summer I enjoy eating frozen fruit. It is hard so it takes me a long time to eat it, which I like. It's sweet and reminds me very much of candy. Until recently I would have frozen cherries and frozen mango and frozen pineapple and strawberries, too, that I got in the store. I was only freezing bananas myself (can't buy them frozen!) and LOVING them, eating them just like that as ice cream / candy. My evening treat was a frozen banana. (Just peel a ripe banana and put it in a plastic bag, close and put in freezer; after about 6 hours it s frozen).
But now halleluja, just for fun I put a nectarine in the freezer, just washed it and put it in there as a whole, never expecting anything. Turns out I LOVE the frozen nectarine too. I have now also tried pear, which is great too! I am not done experimenting!

* Realized that I can make an evening meal, again, now that it is summer, by just using one up to three or four kinds of leafy greens (arugula, iceberg, spinach, bok choy, lettuce, parsley for example, also chicory and romaine), adding some cooked rice or quinoa (I usually cook a big pan of rice or quinoa and then freeze part of it in plastic bags or containers, portioned, all I need to do is rinse it in hot water and I can add it to dishes), with one or more types of legumes, and some seeds or nuts (cashew, peanuts, walnuts for example) and add some fruit (mostly apple or peach). Plus raw veggies like cukes, bell peppers, tomato on occasion, carrot. I use some (organically produced, relatively pure) mayonaise and some salt. I figure that these are less healthy but they do help to get in all the other healthy stuff.

I make soup using a bag of pre-cut veggies, water and a cubicle of herbs... make a huge pot and keep it in the fridge. For lunch I heat up the amount of one bowl adding in (frozen) spinach and some beans. I do use canned beans most of the time. Again I accept that they have extra salt and some even have some sugar added (sigh) but, this is easy and quick and it helps get the vegetables in my body.

I notice that the more healthy foods I eat the less cravings I get for processed stuff.

I am making a rule to eat the healthier foods first. I can have my rice cakes with mayo and nut butter (limited to two at lunch) but I tell myself to eat (get in) the soup or salad first. Then if I still want to eat more later on I have a few carrots or a bell pepper or baby tomatoes.

I've been eating the same breakfast for years now: 4 tablespoons of oats with cut up fruit, some nuts, cinnamon and flaxseeds with plant milk. I soak the oats for 15 minutes or so and don't need to cook them that way.

I have times when I really don't feel 'full' enough and may need more protein (?), I think. I now often have just a small bowl of legumes adding a tablespoon of (store bought) hummus. It works very well, it's a hearty snack that fills me until the next meal. Often when I have that as an afternoon snack, (or a handfull of nuts) I will just have grains or potatoe with a lot of vegetables for my evening meal and don't bother to come up with a source of protein. Again I'll often make the potatoes more attractive by adding a bit of mayonaise. Better that than having french fries or meat or cheese, etcetera

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