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2/23/10 4:30 P

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DebraLee~I'm good at finding those excuses too at times!

Big thanks to everyone that is participating on this thread. I've enjoyed reading every one of the posts!


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2/23/10 4:24 P

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This is a great thread! I will take some time out later to read it all.


I can do this. I will do this. Becoming the Christie I want to be.

Focusing on fitness minutes and not the scale! Just me and my fitbit.

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2/23/10 9:48 A

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Hello, my name is Debra. I have been a member now for a little over 2 years (I think). I'm 51 year's old and I have a daughter 24, and a son who just turned 6. I'm trying to stay on track with SP but there is always some obstacle (yeah, excuses)in the way but I do and ALWAYS will follow the advice and lifestyle changes that have helped me stay healthy. SP is with me even when I'm not connected to the computer. My husband is an inspiration to me when it comes to never giving up. He was burned in an accident at work and has Crohn's; and through everything, he still smiles and keeps going. I hope everyone reading this has a great, happy, heartwarming day! Stay FOCUSED on Happy!

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2/22/10 9:18 P

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Hi, I'm Mary Lou. I started SP April '08 I am 44 years young. Didn't get married until I was 38 and had my honeymoon baby Maria almost 6 years ago. My second daughter, Rachel, is 3 1/2 and my youngest, Julia, is almost 18 months. I thank God for them every day.

I have become more faithful to following the SP lifestyle. It's so hard being sleep-deprived. In my other life I worked as a teacher and would do summer temp jobs. I find being a SAHM the most rewarding and exhausting experience. But, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

My husband is another blessing. I am so happy being at home enjoying my kids. Being an older mom definitely makes me realize how much I want to savor each and every moment. (Especially since some of my fourth graders are parents now!)

I have struggled with emotional eating my entire life. But, I really want to put my children first and not my addiction to food.

Zumba has become my favorite form of exercise. It's very fast like the step aerobics I used to enjoy at the YMCA. The fact that it burns 600-1200 calories an hour is motivation in itself. I also enjoy TTAP that a SP member shared with me and walking.

Thank you all for sharing your story with me. I find such inspiration from the SP members!

God Bless and Happy SPing! ML emoticon

Mary Lou
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2/22/10 5:03 P

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I'm Jane, a SP member for 2.5 years and a LIL mom team member for at least 2 years. I'm married to my high school sweetheart and we've been together over 30 years. I'll be 50 this year. emoticon

We have two sons, 19 and 9 and one daughter, age 15. I home school the two younger children; oldest attends local community college. He was home schooled for a few years, grades 4-8.

I've been at my current weight over a year now. I am fortunate to have lost 40 pounds on SP and maintained that loss. I never want to have to lose that much weight again! Despite that, I am still considered overweight for my height and need to lose at least 10 more pounds to attain a healthy BMI. I would like to lose 20 more pounds, as I have NEVER seen my pre-baby weight from my oldest. I was thin all my life until I had kids. emoticon

"To keep a lamp burning, we have to put oil in it." --Mother Teresa

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2/22/10 3:29 P

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My name is Candace and I've been a member of SP for nearly 3 years now (had to look that up-how time flies) and a LIL Mommy member for nearly that long! I never had a weight problem until my last child was born when I was 44 years old. My first 2 children were born when I was much younger. She'll be 7 next month and I've actually gained weight since she was born. Ouch!! I'm still shocked sometimes when I realize that I've become a fat person (the only one in my entire family!).

My weight problem is mostly emotional as my DH has cancer (for about 20 years now) and his health has been failing pretty rapidly over the past year, so I am not only the breadwinner -I work full time as controller for a landscape company- but also pretty much take care of everything at home too. I have very little time to exercise but do try to fit in my Wii programs when I can. I had to give up my gym membership as there was just no time to go.

I live in Southern California, so I do have the advantage of nice weather most of the time. I have a large yard and lots of roses, which make me happy. Also have a German Shepherd named Trouble and a female cat named John. We visit Canada about twice annually as DH is Canadian and all his family is up there. My two oldest children are 29 (son) and 26 (daughter) and I also have a 2 year old grandson.

I think I've covered everything so I'll stop now.


"Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners." -Shakespeare

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2/22/10 2:42 P

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My name is Jo Ann. I am a 45 yr old, happily married, SAHM to my 6yr old DD & 4 yr old DS.

We live in Southern California & I try to take advantage of the weather by walking our dogs daily. Since we live in the foot hills, I can really get my heart rate up quickly. I hope to start cycling again, but the roads can be narrow & people drive nuts, so I am not sure I can do it safely in this neighborhood. We are looking to move within the next year (DH’s work is moving & the commute would be awful…plus we’re not thrilled with the current school district we’re in) so maybe when we move there will be somewhere closer to ride my bikes (road & mountain…although road first, it’s easier, lol!) DH & I used to go on rides before kids & I really miss it. I finally got to the point where I could climb the steepest dirt trail hill on my mountain bike, & then we stopped…life just got busy…but I would like to get to that point again.

I didn’t really have a weight problem growing up. It hit after the kids were born. When I got on the scale & noticed that the numbers were getting close to my pregnancy weight when I was NOT pregnant, I knew I had to do something.

A friend of mine recommended Spark. She had started counting her calories & it intrigued me. It seemed like such an impossible task to take on, but I thought I could try. Wow, what an eye opener! I eventually started looking around & joining challenges.

Last year I shocked my family when I saw them over the holidays (I had lost 32lbs). It was so fun! Then I slacked off. Stopped Sparking completely & gained 15lbs back over 6 months. Not horrific, but I had to stop that trend ASAP. I came back here late Dec 2009 & am slowing getting a better grip of the WHOLE program.

My hubby comes home for lunch everyday & we all eat almost every meal here… which really helps me to control WHAT we’re eating. For improved fitness, we bought bike trailers/tandems for the kids, so hopefully we’ll get some of that in soon. DH has started skateboarding again (can we say mini-midlife crisis?) so we have gone around the neighborhood a few times with the kids on bikes, me walking/jogging with the dogs & DH on a skateboard. It’s fun. Oh, & we just booked a 2 week camping trip on the lake & will bring the bikes, dogs & our 26ft sailboat. Yes we sleep in a big ol tent & I love it! There will be a lot of hiking, sailing, swimming, & biking.

OK, enough rambling from me!

~*~JoAnn~*~ California


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"The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails." ~ William Arthur Ward

"Nothing is as valuable as your health, it is your #1 Asset" ~Rip Esselstyn

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2/22/10 1:42 P

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I'm Sue. I'm 47 with two sons, ages 11 and 9. I never had a weight issue until after the boys were born, I've been struggling ever since.

I'm a SAHM who's job hunting right now. I make and sell jams and jellies at a local Farmers Market and a variety of craft fairs in the area.

Sue - IL (Central Time)
Ms Sue RavenPuff
TriTerm 21.22.23

Failure is only an opportunity to begin again more intelligently. - Henry Ford

Any idea seriously entertained tends to bring about the realization of itself. - From a fortune cookie

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2/22/10 1:07 P

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My name is Alethea. I'm 36 with 3 children. 7 girl, 2 girl and 2 months boy. I live in Northern Kentucky. I work full time and dh stays home. We aren't married anymore. We were together 5 years and got married, married for 2 years and divorced for the last 5. We get along much better divorced and living together.
I am trying to get back into the swing of things of losing weight. I've lost a little more than 1/2 my baby weight. I did start exercising again and I'm keeping track of my food now.

1 bite at a time = 1 choice at a time.
Choice is in our power; take the power and run.

Co-Leader of "Emotional Eaters"

Nothing is forever why not live for today and make it the best day ever.

I am my best friend.

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2/22/10 11:15 A

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Hi, all.

My name is Olga. My son is 12 and my daughter will be 11 tomorrow. Because DH and I got married when were older, we hurried up and had 2 kids right away, as you can tell we didn't even wait 2 years. We were actually hoping for one more, but then my migraines started that I am still battling with. Then as soon as I thought about leaving my job to stay at home and maybe have another baby, DH's company started laying off people. So, I am still at my job and I am grateful to have it. Although, I do wish I could be with kids more and play a bigger role in their schools.

I have been very skinny all my life. Through school, I was always the shortest and skinniest girl of all. Then when I went back to work after having 2 kids and being in my late 30s, pounds started coming on, mostly in my stomach. Since all my weight was in my stomach, I was having a hard time breathing sitting at my desk at work. That's when I joined SP. This web site has been great for me. I lost most of the weight I wanted to loose and I am keeping it off thanks for SP and this group for motivation.

I really don't get much exercise anymore due to just lack of energy, but I do go to my yoga class on Sundays and love it.

It maybe too late to go back and make a new start, but it's not too late to make a new ending.

I eat to live. I don't live to eat.
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2/22/10 10:46 A

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Hi all. I'm the mother of two boys - ages 4 1/2 and 2 3/4, who keep me hopping. My weight has been a battle most of my life (even when I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought), after about age 8. I joined Sparkpeople in January of last year, and did fine until Easter, then I did a bunch of backsliding, didn't spark, and started this January at the same thing I weighed last January - not good. I refuse to let that happen again this year. I am bound and determined that I will not be both the oldest and the fattest mother of my son's K class, which he starts in August. (I didn't succeed in that for his Pre-K class, where I hold the title for both). I am 44, going on 29. I recently started the C25k program (Couch Potato to 5k) and am having a blast. I am currently a SAHM with a few small projects on the side, but will probably go back to work when younger son starts school, hopefully in a school system so that I can have most, although not all, of the same days off. Hopefully, the economy will improve by then and this can happen.

My Goals: 10% at a time.
a/k/a Q
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2/22/10 10:22 A

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I am Diane. I had my son when I was 39 and he is a pure joy. My husband and I have been married for 8 years this coming May. We have a dog and a parakeet, so our home sounds like a zoo all the time between the dog barking and the bird talking.....yes talking, my husband taught him how to talk.

My weight journey has been long and painful at some points. Just this past January I have finally figured out that exercise is good! I got a Wii Fit+ for Christmas and I've only missed a handful of days doing it. I am motivated to the point of addiciton my husband jokingly tells me! My husband is also over weight, but joined a gym in January and has lost almost 30lbs. I am so proud of him and it makes me work harder! We make a good team both rearing our son and working together to make life enjoyable.


There are no shortcuts in life, hardwork is the key

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2/22/10 7:12 A

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HI I'm Christina. I am a stay-at-home-mom of 7 boys. My oldest is 23 and a newlywed. The next 2 are 19and 18 both in college. When the youngest was 13 we became foster parents and ended up adopting 2 more sets of brothers. they are 11, 9,9 and 3 years old. THe 3 year old was the biggest surprise. We were called when he was born within 24 hrs we were holding our newborn son. I think we are finished and our family is complete. Now bring on the grandchildren. (in a few years)
I have been overweight my entire life. I have had some big realizations in the past year that I have bloged about. This is the year for me to focus on my health and make life style changes. My husband of 24 years is very supportive and is also ready to make the changes. He is doing all the grocery shopping which helps a lot. He only buys healthy food.
SP is really helping me to stay focused and motivated!

My word of the year is TRANSFORMATION
2 Corinthians 3:18 And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord's glory, are being transformed into His image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.
EST Northern KY

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2/22/10 12:17 A

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I am Lynn. I have been a member of LIL Mommies for a year and a half. I have three children, daughters that are almost 14 and 11, and a son who is nine. My DH is a displaced automotive engineer (we live in the Detroit area) who is back in school hoping to start a biomedical career late in 2010. I am a kindergarten teacher by day, and chauffeur by night. (DH had classes 3 nights a week this semester.)

I worked hard for about 8 months and reached my initial weight goal, but then slacked off (can you spell maintenance) and gained at least 5 of it back, and it doesn't want to go again.

I often describe my relationship with exercise as my own personal civil war. But, just lately I seem to have been gaining ground. I enjoy using my Wii for fitness programs. I ride a recumbent bike, and walk when the weather and evening light are conducive. (may be by April).

I have a large extended family who fill my life as do DH and the kids. Busy, busy, but then who isn't?

"Joy lies in radical gratitude." Robert Morneau

"There's no such thing as coincidence." Fr. Leo Sabourin

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Teddy Roosevelt

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2/21/10 11:45 P

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LIL Mommies has welcomed quite a few new members to the team over the past couple of weeks so we thought it would be a good time to have everyone give a brief post about themselves.

* * * * * *

I will begin. My name is Janet and I have two children ages 8 and 5 1/2. My daughter is my biologically born miracle and my son is my heart-born miracle. I had my little girl when I was 40 and had my 42nd birthday two days after picking my son up from the adoption agency. I stay at home with them and we are also a homeschool family. We have two basset hounds, some tropical fish and a barnyard filled with goats and their kids, three cows, a couple ducks, a goose and an assortment of laying hens.

My weight journey has been a battle since I was about the age of 11 or 12 and I've gone up and down more times than I care to remember. Recently I have finally figured out the "root cause" of the beginnings and am using that information to move forward instead of hold me back. I still have a very long journey ahead of me, but I will get there!


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