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6/10/13 2:30 P

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I just started CF - and would never be able to do it without the box!

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4/6/13 1:45 A

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So sorry or the late welcome, this thread wasn't showing up when I looked at the page until now- I've had the same problem with other teams. Anyway welcome to the team and to Crossfit. Crossfit has actually been around since 2000 and the founder Greg Glassman and his wife were teaching it for many years before that in globo gyms as trainers. It has certainly grown in popularity as the Crossfit Games have become televised though.

Like PC said you can do WODs (workout of the day) from, everything you need to know about crossfit is all there, the site was designed so everyone could have access. Most crossfitters do not use regular gyms as "we don't use machines, we build them" tends to be the box moto. You will rarely find much more than a rower or spin bike in the way of machines inside a box, the rest are weights, pull up bars, kettlebells, ropes, tires, and your body.

If you use the site to get started, depending on your gym you should have the equipment to do most WODs and don't worry you can always scale them, meaning change them to suit your abilities. If you can't do pull ups, use a band to help, if you still can't do them so ring rows. If you can't do box jumps, stack plates (the weights you load onto the bar) to a height you can jump on. If you can't do 35lb kettlebell swings do 26 or 18. The WOD online is the prescribed or RX form, but many people scale.

If you go the box route pick a few you are interested in based on Yelp reviews or word of mouth and do their "on ramp" classes, these are basic classes that give you a taste of crossfit. They are either free or a significantly lower rate than membership. Also go to a class at the time you would normally be going and watch, see a real WOD in action as it is honestly nothing like the on ramp, see how the athletes treat on another, see if the trainer is paying attention to everyone's form, making sure they are doing things safely and correctly. See if people approach you and are friendly. Athletes should cheer one another on, while we are all competitive we also push one another to keep going, if you come across a box of individuals leave immediately. This should be the opposite of a regular gym, inside the box you are a family.

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3/27/13 9:58 A

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There are people who start on their own, using the WOD's from, but I personally recommend finding a CrossFit box in your area. If there are several, check them out, because a box is only as good as the trainers - look for one that is welcoming, with well trained coaches, and that have a plan/program for new people - most if not all do. It may cost more than a "regular" gym, but you get so much more for your money. I followed my trainer when he left our "globo" gym to open a box, but I only trained with him, I didn't do the CrossFit classes for about 3 months, and I wish I had started the day he opened! Good luck, I'm sure you'll find a box you love!

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3/27/13 12:46 A

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I have been hearing and seeing a lot about this new form of exercise! I'm so happy there are groups here on SP! I just don't know where to start. I have been practicing my push-ups, squats and endurance. I'm currently working out at a regular gym. I'm able to knock out 100 squats at a time with no weights. My upper body is not as strong as I need it to be. I'm working on that. I'm eating and drinking well daily.

We can do it! One day at a time. :)

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