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1/27/19 3:24 P

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Hi, everyone! I have a problem with my legs. They hurt when I come down on the stairs. gave me a lot of useful information, after that, I need the advice from someone who has the same problem. Thanks)

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5/17/11 3:34 P

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How frustrating! emoticon
Seriously though, please let us know how you feel after 2 weeks, I'll be very interested to know if the new diet makes a difference.
Good luck hun
Jay x

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5/17/11 12:54 P

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JENN26POINT2, I sure hope they are able to figure out the cause. And for your sake, I hope it's just diet...that's easier to fix than some of the other things it could be.


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5/17/11 12:13 P

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So, in November I developed a nasty tendinitis in my right shin. I had already been going to physical therapy for other things (knee pain, ITBS, etc) so they started working on the tendinitis too. At first I was scared it was a stress fracture b/c the pain was local and it hurt ALL the time. It was determined not to be a stress fracture and thus began the strengthening workouts. In January I didn't feel like I'd gotten the relief I was looking for, so I started seeing an ART doctor (Active Release Techniques - think the most painful deep tissue massage you can imagine). She made the tendinitis go away in a matter of weeks! But then, other things started to crop up... The most recent thing she's been working on is nerve entrapment because my symptoms indicated that my sciatic nerve was being pinched. It seems like we're just chasing problems, aches and pains with no relief, so now she's directed me to change my diet.

I have the worst diet in the world - 40 oz mt dew daily, 3 large cookies for breakfast, oversized portions, junk, junk, junk and a sugar addiction that would make anyone else dizzy. Dr. Lake pretty much told me yesterday to clean up the diet or hang up the shoes for good. She suggested I go gluten free for 2 weeks and see if anything improves. She also said she'd like to see me eliminate dairy products as well. So, I did some research...

Going gluten free will help me to clean up the diet, that's for sure. But it's not necessarily the problem. However. Since she suggested it, that's what I'm going to try to do. As far as staying gluten and dairy free forever?? Likely to not happen b/c I love love LOVE pasta! And how can a person go without cheese forever?? Something like 90% of my recipes include cheese!

But for two weeks, I will eliminate all dairy products, breads and pastas. With other things I'll make a conscious effort to avoid gluten. All of those things listed have inflammatory properties, and/or hormone response that can cause pain. So, because of that, I'm buying her suggestion. Buuuuttt... in order to do this for reals, I have to go with organic meat b/c I read somewhere that gluten chemicals can transfer into the meat from the animal's diet (and corn fed livestock are just fattier in nature), and organic meat is not in high commodity around here. What we have here in Iowa is mostly corn fed cattle, pigs and deer (yes, even our deer eat corn). I live in Iowa... corn capital of the world! And while corn doesn't contain gluten (as per a site I read last night - can't remember which one) other aspects of the diet make the animals less ideal (close quarters that prevent exercise, antibiotics and hormones, etc). Geesh... the more I read the more I want to go organic!

Anyhow, for now we'll go dairy, bread and pasta free and see how it goes. Anyone else have any suggestions?

Oh, and the title of this was that we don't know what's wrong with me... that still stands as the official 'diagnosis' until we see if diet has an impact. I hope diet is enough to fix this bc I'm really unhappy about not being able to run b/c of this stupid nerve!


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