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9/3/14 8:58 A

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Welcome! I'm with you! My husband and I work full time jobs - I work days, he works midnights. On top of work, he is also going back to school full time during the day. His school schedule changes a lot so we ONLY use babysitters when we're both out of the house. That means...if one of us is home, no matter how sleep-deprived we are, we are the care-takers. We don't use daycare or babysitters just to sleep. Ugh! We're exhausted! :D

We have 2 little ones - a 3 year old fabulous girl and a 1 year old little guy who keeps us on our toes! Busy!

My husband started back to school yesterday. While he's in school I take over almost all household chores so after work last night I did 5 loads of laundry (we had been out of town the previous weekend and were bit behind + we cloth diaper), mowed our entire lawn while being chased by kids, swept & vacuumed, dishes, dinner, baths, reading, and the usual evening "stuff." I'm also working on cleaning / organizing my closet/clothes so I did a bit of that after the kids went to bed! Whew!

I was thankfully able to prep my breakfast and lunch for today. For breakfast I have a banana, nectarine & hard boiled egg (simple enough). For lunch I made a HUGE salad w/ hard boiled egg and will have another nectarine. Not super exciting, but healthy!

My downfall is exercise and snacking! I NEED to get back into running, but I just can't seem to force myself to go after working all day and coming home to a LONG list of household chores! I know I need to put myself first, but I'm struggling there. I also snack on chocolate chunks and whatever else is around as I'm doing stuff around the house. Last night was better, but not great. We tend not to buy a lot of junk foods, but we do have healthy crackers and such ... but too much of anything isn't good!!

I just signed back into SP this morning hoping to get myself back on track!

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8/15/14 8:19 P

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Well, Busy Mom, it looks like the only place your weight can go is DOWN!! :0)!!!
Try thinking of this time's effort this way: when you go to work, you have to follow all sorts of safety procedures, right? You don't question it - you just do it, right? Well, getting back on track and staying there has to be viewed through the same lens - it is what it is and you just need to do it. You don't want to be this weight anymore and eating better and getting exercise is the only way it's going to happen. It sounds so simple because, well, it is. It's worth it and YOU CAN DO IT!!!! I'm rooting for you!

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8/11/14 9:31 P

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Hey everyone! I thought I'd give this team a try since I'm trying to get back into Spark People. A team for working moms seemed like the perfect idea because if there's one thing I am it's WORKING.

I'm a commissioning tech working out on the Alberta oil sands on a fly-in, fly-out shift. That means I spend 14 days in Alberta, working 12.5-hour days (yes, for the 14 days STRAIGHT), and then I fly home to Nova Scotia for 14 days (although it's more like 12 once you take away all that time flying to and from). On top of that I'm a writer and blogger, so yeah...I'm a little busy.

Trying not to let all that get me discouraged though! I've got to start taking my health in my own hands because recently I hit my highest weight ever and I can't tell you how horrible that makes me feel. Time to get to work heading in the other direction!

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